Sunday, 27 September 2015


So this is a new restaurant in Norwich and it seemed to quite literally appear from nowhere? One day I'd never heard of Cosmsos, the next my facebook was filled with these tales of a really affordable all you can eat restaurant with pretty much whatever food you could ever want.

It turns out there are Cosmos spread throughout the country- I never knew this so the whole experience was new for me. Me and Hayden decided to go and check it out and see if it was worth while. 

The booking/arriving process
I tried to book online, but it only seemed to allow me to book for the following week which was obviously no good. I then tried calling the restaurant but there was no answer after about half an hour of calling. Because we weren't planning on going until about 8pm we decided that it wouldn't be that bad if we didn't book. When we arrived we were told there would be a 45 minute wait- if this was any other place we would of said sod that we'll go somewhere else, but we were so desperate to try it we stayed. It turns out we only had to wait 20 minutes anyway so that wasn't that bad.

The interior downstairs was incredible, it was all white marble with escalators going up to the main dining area. I might just not venture far but I have never been anywhere that is like that before so I was like oh my are we posh enough for this place? (we were by the way) The interior upstairs felt very Asian inspired and modern which was lovely.

The Food
Cosmos literally has food for everyone. I couldn't even try everything because there was so much. There was such a nice range of food- you could take literally the most pickiest eaters and they would manage to find something to eat. There was Italian (I didn't really rate that because I can still taste the 'real' Italian food) Chinese- so amazing, there was your typical 'English Chinese' food as well as your traditional Chinese. Indian- I had a lovely curry. Sushi- I have a phobia of raw fish so I didn't try this but a lot of people around us ate it so it must of been good! Thai food- I started with a Thai green curry which was amazing, maybe a little spicy but that's fine. There was also a lot of English food, steaks which could be cooked to your liking, roast dinner(?) chicken nuggets, fish fingers, chips, sausages, mini hash browns. And that's just the main courses. There was obviously salads and soups but we didn't eat any of those because we wanted to try as much as possible.

For desserts holy cow, there was everything. Lets start with the giant chocolate fountain- I was expecting it to be milk chocolate but it was white chocolate, which was okay but milk chocolate would of been better. To go with the chocolate fountain there was fresh fruit, marshmallows, sweets. There was an ice cream machine with bowls and cones. Sooooo many cakes- I only had the Eton Mess but Hayden had all sorts.

The Staff
It may be because it's a new restaurant and everyone's trying to find their feet but I found the staff to be quite slow and at times quite unhelpful. I'm sure in a months time when they've been open a little while longer it'll change!

The Price
We paid £34 for everything throughout the night, so as much food as we could stomach (you don't want to know how many plates I went through) plus desserts, and unlimited soft drinks. This is an amazing price because it was a Friday night so the price goes up slightly anyway, the quality of food you get, plus the fact that if we went somewhere else we would be paying at least £40 for 2 main courses, 2 drinks and 2 desserts.

The Overall Experience
I had a really good time there, it was very busy but it wasn't loud and the tables were all a good distance from each other so you were never on top of someone else. The food was amazing. The staff were average. Pretty much everything was amazing so I will indeed be going back! I have actually booked a table for here for my birthday meal with my college friends so I'm very excited to go again!


  1. I'm going here Wednesday, can't wait! Think I'll get a review up too :).

    Christie x

  2. I still want to try cosmos out for sure :) I love all good so perfect for me!

    Courteney - xxx

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