Tuesday, 29 September 2015

So today's post is in collaboration with Hannah, she's wrote all about her Top 5 Autumnal Lipsticks here. I am all about wearing dark shades on my lips, so as soon as mid-september hits I'm straight into my collection for my berry's and reds. I have way too many but these are the 5 that stuck in my head that I wear all the time now or that I wore last autumn.

1) First up we have my latest buy from Kiko's Limited Edition Intensivley Lavish Collection, in the shade 06- Melodious Wine. For some reason when it's swatched on my arm it looks a lot pinker than when it's on my lips, and it looks a lot more purple in the packaging. I find this lipstick the perfect 'pinky purple.' It's got the perfect amount of pink in it to make it more day time appropriate (although I wear whatever lipstick whenever I want so it doesn't make a difference to me) I find this lasts for ages on my lips too. I do pair it with the matching lip liner, but even still it lasts a good 5/6 hours- including me eating and drinking, before needing a touch up and even then it only comes off ever so slightly in the middle of my lips. I find this is ever so slightly drying on my lips so I do have to put some lip balm on before and when I feel my lips drying up I'll put some more on. As the title suggests it is a very creamy, satin, colour rich finish. The packaging for this is such an added bonus, I have such a weak spot for anything Rose Gold (shock horror coming from a blogger I know)

2) Another Kiko Lipstick, is this Smart Lipstick in the shade 914- Amaranth. I picked this up back in February on my trip to Florence and wore it to death! I haven't worn it just yet but I do keep eyeing it up so I know doubt will be rocking this soon. Again the swatch on my arm has picked up the pink pigments- it's more of a plum shade which is literally perfect for every occasion. I don't wear this with a lip liner but it lasts for bloody hours. I've worn it on nights out before and I'll have it on for the entire night, drinking way too much and demolishing fried chicken and I'll still have perfect lipstick by the end of the night. This lipstick is literally so nourishing on my lips, it literally feels like I have a lip balm on! It has a satin finish which I love because it's just so comfortable on my lips. I am obsessed with what I call the classic Kiko packaging, it's so simple and sleek. In my eye's lipstick packaging has to either be gold or black.

3) Okay so this is my last Kiko lipstick but they literally are my favourite. This is a Velvet Matte Satin Lipstick in the shade 606 Fire Red. I will admit that when I think of Autumnal lipsticks Red's don't really scream out to me because I wear them all the time- I do wear them a lot more during the day during Autumn/Winter so thought it'd be appropriate to put this in. I originally bought this again whilst in Italy back in February for my cheerleading competitions, because I needed a good red lipstick that was long lasting and didn't bleed. I can assure you that this lipstick ticks all of those boxes. Although on the swatch it does look quite transparent it does go onto the lips really well and if you want that deep red look then it's very easy to build up. I find this to last about 4 hours on my lips, this could be because when I'm timing it which is only really at competitions I'm sweating and people tend to sort of stand/land on my face so it rubs off, plus I'm eating and drinking way more. But for a red lipstick it doesn't bleed or smudge anywhere near as much as the rest of my reds. Considering it has the word Matte in the title I find this to not dry my lips out at all, it is very nourishing and does give off a satin finish- less than the previous lipsticks but still not as much. The packaging for this one was perhaps the main reason I bought this.. It's just so funky, you have to push the bottom then pull and twist the lipstick to get it out, the fact that it's rose gold and gold is another bonus. The only bad thing with this is that because it's a bit thicker because of the funky packaging it doesn't fit in my lipstick organizer so it has to be placed neatly beside it, but apart from that it's perfect!

4) I knew I had to slip this one in, it's Media by MAC- the original reason bought this was because it was in the Mia Morretti collection so knew I just had it, and when I bought it I thought it was going to be more of a browny/purple but it's more of a deep red with purple tones in- which worked out fine because I'm not entirely sure I could actually pull brown lipstick off anyway? We all know how well MAC lipsticks last, I can wear this for literally an entire day and it'll still be looking good. I seem to have a running theme here but surprise this lipstick is indeed a satin finish. I guess because it starts to get colder and my lips are the most sensitive thing ever I don't really want to be putting drying matte finishes on? The packaging is perfect in every way. I will say MAC do my favorite packaging, purely because it's so iconic and sleek and fits perfectly and neatly in my lipstick organizer.

5) Last up we have this beautiful Lipgloss from Wild About Beauty in the shade Astrid. I know, I know it's not a lipstick but I couldn't resist adding it into my favourites mainly because it has been on my lips non-stop for pretty much the last 2 weeks, which is odd because I actually hate lipglosses- but because I got it in my Selfridges Birchbox (you can see what else I picked up in there here) I thought I'd better give it a go! On the swatch it literally looks so transparent but I promise it is really buildable and you can get a beautiful berry colour with just 2 layers. It lasts a few hours, because I'm not really a gloss girl I don't know how long they usually last but what I do like with this is that it doesn't come off all patchy like some lipsticks do. Obviously the finish to this is glossy, it isn't over the top though which I do like. I also like that it isn't sticky because that is the main reason I stay away from lipglosses. I'm not a huge fan of this packaging, I do think it looks quite cheap, if it was in a purple square tube with the colour of the gloss as the lid it'd be perfect but I can't change that! I also don't like that they only tell you what shade it is on the box- which is annoying as you have to guess what colour it could be.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

So this is a new restaurant in Norwich and it seemed to quite literally appear from nowhere? One day I'd never heard of Cosmsos, the next my facebook was filled with these tales of a really affordable all you can eat restaurant with pretty much whatever food you could ever want.

It turns out there are Cosmos spread throughout the country- I never knew this so the whole experience was new for me. Me and Hayden decided to go and check it out and see if it was worth while. 

The booking/arriving process
I tried to book online, but it only seemed to allow me to book for the following week which was obviously no good. I then tried calling the restaurant but there was no answer after about half an hour of calling. Because we weren't planning on going until about 8pm we decided that it wouldn't be that bad if we didn't book. When we arrived we were told there would be a 45 minute wait- if this was any other place we would of said sod that we'll go somewhere else, but we were so desperate to try it we stayed. It turns out we only had to wait 20 minutes anyway so that wasn't that bad.

The interior downstairs was incredible, it was all white marble with escalators going up to the main dining area. I might just not venture far but I have never been anywhere that is like that before so I was like oh my are we posh enough for this place? (we were by the way) The interior upstairs felt very Asian inspired and modern which was lovely.

The Food
Cosmos literally has food for everyone. I couldn't even try everything because there was so much. There was such a nice range of food- you could take literally the most pickiest eaters and they would manage to find something to eat. There was Italian (I didn't really rate that because I can still taste the 'real' Italian food) Chinese- so amazing, there was your typical 'English Chinese' food as well as your traditional Chinese. Indian- I had a lovely curry. Sushi- I have a phobia of raw fish so I didn't try this but a lot of people around us ate it so it must of been good! Thai food- I started with a Thai green curry which was amazing, maybe a little spicy but that's fine. There was also a lot of English food, steaks which could be cooked to your liking, roast dinner(?) chicken nuggets, fish fingers, chips, sausages, mini hash browns. And that's just the main courses. There was obviously salads and soups but we didn't eat any of those because we wanted to try as much as possible.

For desserts holy cow, there was everything. Lets start with the giant chocolate fountain- I was expecting it to be milk chocolate but it was white chocolate, which was okay but milk chocolate would of been better. To go with the chocolate fountain there was fresh fruit, marshmallows, sweets. There was an ice cream machine with bowls and cones. Sooooo many cakes- I only had the Eton Mess but Hayden had all sorts.

The Staff
It may be because it's a new restaurant and everyone's trying to find their feet but I found the staff to be quite slow and at times quite unhelpful. I'm sure in a months time when they've been open a little while longer it'll change!

The Price
We paid £34 for everything throughout the night, so as much food as we could stomach (you don't want to know how many plates I went through) plus desserts, and unlimited soft drinks. This is an amazing price because it was a Friday night so the price goes up slightly anyway, the quality of food you get, plus the fact that if we went somewhere else we would be paying at least £40 for 2 main courses, 2 drinks and 2 desserts.

The Overall Experience
I had a really good time there, it was very busy but it wasn't loud and the tables were all a good distance from each other so you were never on top of someone else. The food was amazing. The staff were average. Pretty much everything was amazing so I will indeed be going back! I have actually booked a table for here for my birthday meal with my college friends so I'm very excited to go again!


Saturday, 12 September 2015

As some of you may know I was in London last week (read all about it here) whilst I was there a little shopping managed to be done. Luckily I'd noticed on twitter the day before I went to Oxford Street that Selfridges & Birchbox had teamed up to create a little pop up shop in their beauty department.

I went in and spoke to the lovely lady who helped me with how it worked. I had to pick a box, then a bag for my products to go in, a menu of what they had to offer and I was let free onto the sample choosing.

The first thing I chose were my makeup products, I got to pick two things in this section.

Benefit Porefessional: Refined T-zone goals! This oil-free primer diffuses pores and fine lines for an airbrushed finish.

I've used this one before and loved it so I knew straight away that I wanted this! I'm excited to use this again and see what I think this time round.

Wild About Beauty Nutrilips Gloss in Astrid: A non-sticky, super hydrating gloss packed with vitamin E to keep lips nourished.

I'm not a huge fan of gloss but love Wild About Beauty products, so when I swatched this and it didn't feel super sticky I picked it. There was this colour and a nude one, I couldn't decide for a while with what one I wanted- in the end I decided a berry shade was more in need for these darker months..

Next up was skincare.

Nuxe Hulie Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil: An indulgent blend of six essential oils and vitamin E to hydrate and heal all skin types.

I'll admit I was abit overwhelmed when I was choosing for skincare, so when I read that I could use this on pretty much all of my body to heal any dry patches or for a nice massage oil I picked it straight up.

In body care I chose Triology Everything Balm: A nourishing salve to sooth and condition face, body, lips, cuticles- or, well anything!

When I read you could use this product on pretty much any dry spots on anything on my body I was rather impressed so I chose this.

For hair care I picked up 2 mini bottles of Beauty Protecter Protect & Oil: Protect your hair from UV rays and heat damage with this light, sweet-smelling oil.

My hair is a mess- it's been bleached, heat damaged- just damaged in general. And in an attempt to try and help it look better I picked up these cute little bottles of oil!

My last little treat was from the Beauty Treat section and was This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: A good night's sleep= radiant skin. This acts as a natural sedative to prepare you for sleep.

I do struggle to sleep at night time for some reason so this was literally the first thing I picked up, I've yet to try it but I will let you know when I do.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

So you may have read about the first couple of days of my trip to London already, if you haven't check that out here
So on day 3 we got up bright and early and headed to the Science Museum, it was so cool to go back there and really appreciate what was there because I haven't been in about 9 years so it was good to really have a look about. Our second stop of the day was the London Transport Museum, which was for Hayden because he is obsessed with trains and tubes and all that. I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed it- it was so interesting to see how transport in London has evolved. That night we went and saw Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre and it was amazing! I was so happy to finally see a show on the West End and Mamma Mia was a perfect choice because it was amazing and I highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

On day 4 (sadly our last day boo) we headed up The Shard which was incredible, the lifts take you up 68 floors in under 2 minutes, my ears actually popped because of it! On the first floor it was all enclosed and you could see everything, but on the floor above it was slightly open at the top so you could literally hear all of London, you could feel the wind, it was surreal. They'd also put fake grass on the floor and flowers around the edge of the glass and had cute deck chairs to sit on which was cool. We stayed up there for about 45 minutes just soaking the views up. After that we headed to Oxford Street for some shopping (Hayden spoiled me) I will have a London haul up very soon so keep your eye's peeled for that..


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Last week Hayden took us away to London for the week to celebrate our year of being together. I didn't know anything about the trip and when we got on the train he bought out these cute little booklets which had an itinerary of what he had planned for us to do each day. 

The first thing on our list was a proper touristy sightseeing tour of London by Hayden. We went to all the typical places and took photos. To follow this we headed to Westfield London to have a mosey around the shops and eat Five Guys, I am obsessed with their burgers and chips and just everything about the place oh my. For dessert we picked up some cookies from Bens Cookies which were equally amazing.

On day 2 the first thing on our list was the Harry Potter Studio Tour, it was bloody amazing- if you haven't been already you really need to go! It was amazing to see all the behind the scene magic! Of course whilst we were there we had to pick up some Butter Beer, it quite possibly was the weirdest thing I've tasted? The creamy part on top tasted like cream soda but the actual liquid part just tasted like a really weak lemonade? After that we went to Madame Tussauds which was amazing (although I'm slightly annoyed there wasn't a Katy Perry wax work anymore!) there was this 'walk-through ride' in the part where the famous murderers wax works were and honestly it was so scary, I gripped onto Hayden's arm so hard he had scratch marks haha. We managed to get ahead of our schedule so had a quick look down Oxford Street, we then made our way to Piccadilly Circus to eat at Planet Hollywood and the food there was amazing (the service towards the end let it down abit though)

Pisa Day 2

Thursday, 3 September 2015

If you read my post about Day 1 in Pisa (if you haven't go and do that now) here is all we got up to on day 2...

As we saw most of the touristy things the previous day we decided we wanted to just have a chilled and relaxing day so we asked on of our lovely hotel receptionists what beach was best to go to and how to get there- he said Viareggio was the nicest beach and we could get there by the train, the train ride was like 15 minutes at the most and it was only €6.40 return which I thought was great! 

To get to the beach from the station it was so easy, all we had to do was walk down one road and voila! The only think with these beaches is that they aren't free- we did have to pay €22 for 2 really comfy sun loungers and an umbrella, but I thought it was totally worth it! It was so hot and the water was so refreshing... I may have got very burnt *sobbing as I write this because it's painful and ugly*

Once we got back from the beach we did the City Sightseeing bus tour of Pisa, and it was amazing! The showed us the obvious things which we'd already seen but they then took us to Parco Regionale Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli which is an amazing National Park on the outskirts of Pisa which I'd never actually heard of before but honestly if you ever have the chance to go to Pisa visit this park! It's bloody beautiful.

We left extremely early the next morning *sob* I had the best time ever and I'm pretty sure Hayden loved it so that's a good thing. I know I want to go to Venice next so hopefully that'll be soon.

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