Friday, 28 August 2015

Top 5 Tips for bloggers

I've been blogging for just over a year now but only in the past few months have I felt that I have advice to give to other/new bloggers.

1) Join twitter chats. 
This is literally how I gained my twitter friends, followers, discovered new blogs. Literally it's the easiest way to do all of the above and there is at least one chat every day Becky from Becky Bedbug did a post telling you what chats happen at what time, which is so handy because I'm always forgetting the times!

2) Write what you wanna write about.
I can tell when I'm forcing a post because I just want the whole process of photographing/editing/writing/promoting to be over- and I never want to feel like that about a post. If you want to write about palm tree bed sheets but everyone else is writing about the newest product to be released you go and write about those palm tree bed sheets because I would read that over 4904509 reviews of the same product which all tell me the same thing.

3)Buffer is your bestfriend.
I honestly cannot remember what I did with myself before I scheduled my tweets. I get most of my views from twitter, and the tweets that are promoting that post have probably been scheduled weeks in advance. I do not have time to be talking about my latest post every hour when I could be actually talking to other bloggers. 
Buffer is very easy to use, you simply write out your tweet, add an image I highly recommend adding an image when promoting your blog post because it's way more eye catching. Then schedule your date/time.

4) Don't think you need a DLSR to have good photography.
I can't afford a decent camera and I doubt I will be able to for quite a while so I'm just using what I've got- which is an iPhone 5 and I get more compliments now on my photos than I did when I was using a little point and shoot camera. I believe it's all about the editing, which brings me onto my next point..

5) Edit your photos 
Even if you think they look good, they will look 10x better just by upping the brightness and sharpness. On the same note if you don't have photoshop don't stress, picmonkey is amazing and free. If you're an apple user you can download Photoshop for your phone for free!!! You can buy the upgrade and have some extras but I personally do perfect with the completely free version!


  1. Great read Justine! As always ;)

  2. Amazing tips Justine - I agree with every single one of them especially the one about photography! I feel like nowadays bloggers are so pressured into getting the best, most expensive, cameras when all you really need is good lighting. I'll stick by my iPhone forever haha! :) x

    1. Thanyou so much! Yes I used to stress so bad now I just embrace what I've got! iPhone photography is amazing anyway!!xo

  3. I use tweetdeck instead of buffer, i wouldnt know which one is better. And i love twitter chats but havent been involved in ages, need to get back to that =]

    1. I've tried tweetdeck but it just hurts my brain haha! Yeah buffer is pretty simple, I started with futuretweets- you literally put what you wanna tweet & schedule it but then I needed photos so moved to buffer! I've missed a few lately but once I'm back at college I know I'll be back in the chatting game!xo


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