Thursday, 13 August 2015

#NRWSummer Goodybag

If you read about the second Norwich Bloggers event here (if you haven't go and read that) you will know we managed to put together some pretty mamouth goody bags... I say we I really mean Hannah and Courteney because they did such an amazing job I'm literally in awe at what they managed to get!

Salcura sent us their brand new BioSkin full set in full size bottles which is beyond incredible and I am SO excited to try all of these and I will certainly be reviewing these at some point.

Dermav10 sent us some boxes filled with these products (I will admit I wasn't saying they were amazing boxes when I was having to put 25 together.. it took time and a lot of my patience, I'm very surprised they all managed to stay put together and I didn't break any which is good! They sent us hand and nail cream, dry skin body lotion, multi radiance cream, rescue cream for scars and stretch marks, body butter and day cream- again all full sizes! I'm just in awe of how much we got! I again will choose a few of these products and review them!

Gotta love when you get food in there! I'm so obsessed with Metcalfe's skinny popcorn- especially the sweet 'n salt, but I'm very intrigued by the honey bee flavour so I'm hoping that'll taste good too! Then we've got Kettles- a trusted local crisp brand but we've got them in crispy bacon and maple syrup? Literally as soon as I've finished writing this post I am SO going to eat these- I absolutely love bacon flavoured crisps so I'm sure I'm going to love these!

I have seen this Curaprox whitening toothpaste all over other blogger the past month and was so happy when I saw it! I've seen amazing results from this, so I'm so excited to do a full review on this and hopefully by the end of it I'll have bright white teeth!

I haven't looked in the Paul Mitchell pack yet but I think it's shampoo and conditioner which shall be wonderful because I just love their products! Then we've got some dry shampoo from Phil Smith- you literally cannot go wrong with dry shampoo ever! Next is some Sea Kelp Shampoo and Natural Creme from Jason- I haven't heard of this brand before so I'll definitely keep you updated on what I think!

Bee Good sent us this cream cleanser and adorable mini muslin cloth which excites me because I love trying new skincare products and my Superdrug Cleanser has nearly run out so it couldn't have come at a better time!

Just Essentials were kind enough to give us these amazing products- the lashes I ended up with are in fact the ones I have worn for the past 3/4 years- which is pretty cool, I was rather happy about that. I have also tried their nail varnish before and loved it and this orange is a perfect summer colour so I'm excited to use it again. The blue contact lenses are what I'm most excited about- I've never worn contacts and I'm a little scared about the whole process to be quite honest but I think it'd be cool to be blue eyed for a day right?

Angelica Nails have been so amazing throughout this process, they've been promoting us pretty much every day since it was announced we were working together and even stuck little #NRWSummer stickers on the bottom of the nail varnishes which is so cute! I always need a new kind of red whether it's lipstick or nail varnish so I'm so excited to try this! Crabtree & Evelyn sent this beautiful deep orange with small glitter reflects in and I am looking forward to trying it because I've never used anything from them before and the colour is insane and right up my street so keep your eyes peeled for some nails of the day posts on my instagram...

Stargazer went above and beyond for us and sent so much stuff out! I got 2 lipsticks- one is a deep pink with some purple in, and the other is black- which would usually scare me but I'm just thinking about Halloween and what cool looks I can create! There's then a bright Barbie pink lip stain which I'm excited about and a food flavoured gloss? I'm not entirely sure what food flavour it is but I'll give it a go!

Hello products sent us breath sprays and I got the pink grapefruit flavour, I'm not sure how I'll get on with this because I don't really like grapefruit but I'm all about ways to keep my breath smelling fresh. Real Techniques (squeals) sent us some brushes- I got this big powder brush which I haven't got which is a total bonus! Then Dr Bronner sent this all natural organic soap which again I'm excited about because I've never used anything from them before. 

I got this LipGlam product which at first glance just looks like your everyday lip balm but no.. it's so much more than that, its a eye primer, brow gel, cuticle softener, hand cream and so much more! I have used this as a lip balm so far and my lips feel so nourished already- I think this is going to be my travelling and winter partner in crime!

Timeless Truth gave us some masks, I've never heard of this brand and I love face makes so I'm hoping I like this one so I can make some sneaky purchases in the future...

I love Neal & Wolf! At the first Norwich Bloggers event we got some shampoo and conditioner which I fell in love with and luckily enough we got some more! The smell of these are simply insane so I suggest you try them out! I also got some hair oil from them- I've been looking at ways to protect my hair for a while now and I'm hoping this does something good because my hair is very straw like at the moment (bleach problems) On that note Neal and Wolf have been incredibly generous and have given my readers 15% discount AND free shipping- the code is NBM0815, it will expire on 30/09/2015 so get a go at that!

Fashion Fair is a beauty brand I found through Courteney's blog and I was so happy to see them in our bags- this Barbie pink is completely me and I don't think I have quite enough lipsticks...

From Superdrug I got their summer magazine and B. Prepared primer which I'm really happy to have because I haven't tried anything from the B. range and you can't go wrong with a primer!

I also got some leaflets and discount codes from a few brands. 

These bad boys are the straighteners I won in the tombola and just take in how beautiful they are!!! They're from Corioliss so I'm looking forward to using them!

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