Tuesday, 11 August 2015

#NRWSummer 9th August 2015

On Sunday 9th myself, Hannah and Courteney held our second Norwich Bloggers event. It was held at The Garden House pub just outside the city centre which was the most amazing venue! We had pretty much all of the garden, including our own games corner which had giant jenga, twister and space hoppers? We also had our own covered area which was lovely as it kept us out of the sun because the although the weather was beautiful and there wasn't a cloud in the sky we did need somewhere to stay cool!

From 1pm our lovely bloggers turned up- it was so lovely to put everyone's twitter usernames to actual faces and everyone is just so lovely, I literally felt like I was chatting to old friends!

There was then a yoga session done by the amazing Helen, I didn't actually take part because I was in a skirt and didn't fancy flashing to bloggers and other pub goers- so I sat out and just chatted to some of the other girls. I will say after the yoga session everyone looked so much more relaxed, I could probably do with doing some of that on a regular basis to keep me calm...

Our first workshop of the day was by Matt who works at a marketing company specialising in social media- he was telling us how to use social media to optimise our blogs. I actually learnt so much, he was full of things to help us, the main things I picked up on was scheduling my social media through Hootsuite- I have heard of it before but I've been too scared to venture very far so I think I'll be having a look at that. He also said about Google Trends and Google Keyword planner which I will be having a look into.

The lovely girls from Just Essentials (which is my favourite place to get lashes and colourful hair dye from by the way) were there with an amazing stall and a pretty cool giveaway worth £30 which Charley won (jealous!)

Lucy from John Olivers then did her workshop on how to do different types of hairup's incorporating braids and twists. She used a beautiful model who had medium length hair that wasn't really thick- which I found to be really helpful because not everyone has hair down to their waist, so it made it easier for us to picture what the style would look like on us and if we could actually create it (that reminds me I really need to get practising my french plaits because they are so beautiful but I literally can't do them)

Next up our amazing Hannah did a little live music set, and  I'll forever be saying it but her voice is incredible!! Whilst that was going on we had our little tombola going on- we had some amazing prizes given to us and I knew I just had to give it a little go- I'm normally so unlucky when it comes to raffles and tombola's but I won some hair straighteners! I'm so happy because I could really do with a new pair and these look amazing!

The next workshop was by Thomas who is a photographer- I unfortunately missed most of this because there was a 30 minute wait for my yummy food from the bbq so I had to keep sneaking off to see if it was ready!

To end the day we said our farewells to the lovely bloggers who had turned up and gave them their goody bags.. They are seriously all in for a massive treat and I cannot wait to see what they think of them, I'm so excited to try all of the things in mine too! I will be showing you all what we put in the bags so keep an eye for that!

This event was such a success and all of our hard work the past few months has so totally been worth it! I cannot wait to announce our next event which will be a lot sooner than you may expect so keep following Norwich_Blogger on twitter and Norwich_Blogger on instagram to find out what we're planning first!


  1. I had a great time, thank you for helping to organise such a fun event! Can't wait for the next one :).

    Christie x

    1. Aw I'm so glad you had a good day! Ah me either! It's probably going to be sooner than you may think..xo

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. What a day!!! I had such a good time and can't wait to review every individual piece from the goody bag, there was just so much :D

    Thank you for hosting Justine, it was lovely meeting you in person and all the other girls.

    Wendy Xx


    1. It was amazing wasn't it! Aw I'm so glad you had a good time! OMG me either ahh so excited!

      It's my pleasure! It was so nice to finally meet you!xo

  3. Was another great event! You should be proud :) had such a good time! Thanks for inviting me. Look forward to any future events xx
    Charley x

    1. Aw thankyou so much! So glad you could make it and that you had a good time! Keep your eyes peeled.. it may be sooner than you think!xo


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