Sunday, 5 July 2015


I've wanted to do this post for ages now as I love the usual what's in my bag and thought that you lovelies might want to see what I carry in my cheer bag, or there could just be some cheerleaders who want to know what their peers carry around (I'm always watching these videos on youtube!) but haven't got round to it, so I thought I'd photograph what i took in my cheer bag to Live Your Legacy Nationals on Sunday. If you were wondering how I did I got 3rd place with one team and 4th with the other! I was sooooo happy!!

Okay first up we've got the bag itself, I use a backpack because it can fit most things I need for a competition and everything I need for training. I got this       bag from my squad website (I won't link it as I would imagine no one reading this would actually want to buy a bag from my gym?) It has 3 sections, a front pocket with all the badges on which is pretty big, a larger pocket behind it which fits everything in and even has an area for my shoes, then there's a tiny pocket on top.

To personalise my bag and make sure I can tell which one is mine surrounded by however many others I've attached badges from competitions I been too and bows I've bought/worn with my uniform or made! My favourite bow is probably the white one you can see clearly with my name on, programme name and both the teams I'm on!

 First up we have the small pocket at the top, I keep all my random stuff in here, so we've got a mini bottle of hairspray- so handy to have at competitions because it saves so much room and there's always the right amount I need! Then there's my boyfriend's spectator wristband? He gave it to me to put in my bag because he didn't want to bin it? So I'll probably put it on my memory board. Then  we've got some hair bobbles, you can never have too many of these and there's always someone at practice who needs one. I've got a Katy Perry keyring which was on my bag but broke so i've just kept it in this pocket, then there's the medal I received at this competition (this medal is amazing it's literally beautiful and I would happily wear it all the time!) Next up is an ID card I need for certain competitions and lastly there's some headphones, if I want to sleep whilst we're travelling I'll just shove these in otherwise everyone chatting keeps me awake.

In the front smaller pocket I only had a few bits (usually it's crammed) we've got my sunglasses which the majority of the time you need because we're always travelling to the competition when the sun is rising and I'm not even joking you get like blinded haha! Then we've got my purse, I always say I should get a smaller purse for travelling/competitions because all I need is coins/notes and my card but I haven't got round to it yet so I just carry my every day River Island purse with everything and more in. Then we've got probably the most important thing- my uniform *I do fold this up and keep it in a plastic bag to protect it whilst travelling* I do love my uniform though it's just so pretty!

Lastly we've got the biggest pocket. First up we've got my shoes, they're kept in their special compartment in this pocket, then we've got my makeup bag which is just full with so much just in case stuff! On that note if you would like to see a How I do my cheer makeup/hair or what's in my cheer makeup bag do let me know! It's um very different to my usual looks! Then we've got my training sports bra and nike pro shorts, once I've finished competing I like to just wear this and my season top because I feel so much more relaxed! Then there's my Freya water bottle, this is so handy for training because I can just keep refilling it meaning I won't get dehydrated whilst training this summer! Lastly is the best present ever... So they have little pop up shops at competitions and at this competition they were selling these blue tops from Cheer Athletics (only the best cheerleading programmes in the world) and I just had to have it so Hayden being the best ever bought it for me!!

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