Monday, 13 July 2015

Slimming World- Weeks 1-6

Okay so this is a post I never really intended to do but I've decided it may help my journey even more if I've got support from you guys too? Right the reason I started Slimming World was because I was incredibly unhappy about the way I looked and the food I was putting into my body, I was wearing size 16 clothes, eating pretty much toast smothered in butter, full fat cans of coke (usually about 6 or more a day) getting about 3/4 takeaways or meals out a week and just snacking on general shit. I'd had enough of being the fat one and knew that I didn't have the willpower nor the knowledge to do it on my own so me and my mum joined Slimming World. 

I'm probably going to regret this but my start weight was 14st 12.5lb (208lbs) which actually makes me feel ill when I look at that number. Here is also a before photo taken at a cheer competition a few weeks before I started and is probably the truest representation of what I looked like- this was a group photo but i cropped my friends out, again when I look at this photo all I can see is fat.. I'm the tallest one there with bleach blonde hair so I'm going to stand out anyway but when you add in my ill-fitting uniform too.. that's too much.

My first week was actually really easy, I didn't stop eating? I was having cereal for breakfast, omelettes and salad for lunch and for dinner I was having big bits of chicken with home made roasted chips, vegetables and jacket potatoes with beans- all of these things were counted as free foods *I'm not really that good at explaining it but basically a hell of a lot of foods are free foods and you can have as many of those as you want, then there's your syn foods which you're allowed 15 of a day, so 15 syns per day which seems like not that much but really when you're filling up on all of the free foods you don't really need your syns?* When it came to my first weigh in I was petrified mainly because I hadn't stopped eating? I was scared I'd missed something out and was going to put on weight, but in actual fact I lost a massive 6.5lbs! That's nearly 1/2 a stone?! 

Week 2 was abit harder mainly because I was starting to miss my crisps and was at home a lot more so my mind was on food, but I still kept at what I had been doing the week before and ended up loosing another 1lb which is when I received my 1/2 stone certificate and sticker. Loosing 1/2 in 2 weeks seems like so much and when you hear it you think that I must of been starving myself but in reality I hadn't stopped eating!

Week 3 I had began to find my mojo and knew what I was doing and managed to loose another 1lb, I also discovered the Iceland Slimming World Ready Meals and wow they are amazing, my favourite is the salmon pasta salad, it's so easy to cook and so yummy. Week 4 was a tough one because I literally hadn't stopped snacking and had been out a couple times- so it was no surprise when I found I hadn't lost anything which again isn't bad because I knew where I had gone wrong and knew what to do to fix it. 

Week 5 was incredibly hard, I literally hadn't stopped snacking on bad foods and had even had my first takeway in 6 weeks (wasn't even worth it) but much to my shock I managed to loose 1lb (honestly still shocked) Week 6.. ah week 6, this has been my worst week by far- I went out for meals/pub lunches 5 times.. And only one of those times did I actually choose a healthy-ish option? I again was snacking on crisps again, so I wasn't surprised to see I had put on 2lbs.. I will say I was upset by this but I'm going to use it as my motivation for the next few weeks- I know where I went wrong and I know how I can change it so I'm okay with that!

So because of that my current weight is 14st 5lbs (201lbs) I hope when I check in with you next time to be down in the 13st area. I will say that I do feel so much healthier in myself, I don't feel as tired and stodgy (can I use that word to describe myself?) My skin is looking better, my face has slimmed down and a lot of people have said that I look like I've lost weight, so it's all good!


  1. I love slimming world! My starting weight was 14 stone, then I lost 3 but I've gained a bit back so I'm getting back on it!

    Good luck with your journey :).

    Christie x

    1. It's amazing isn't it!! Aw well done on loosing it to start with though! There are things that get thrown at us and healthy eating isn't the main thing on our mind right! Ooo good luck with that, hopefully it'll be just as good for you again.

      You too xo


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