Friday, 3 July 2015

REVIEW: Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Tanning Mousse

 I got given this latest product from the tanning team at Rimmel at the Cosmo Summer party (read about that event here) and was so excited to try it! My sister actually nabbed it from me first and I will say it looked amazing on her so I was even more excited! I decided to wait until my cheerleading competition to try it as I needed to tan (and it wouldn't matter if I went really dark!)

Rimmels first self tan bronzing mousse that gives and instant colour and develops in an hour to give a natural looking streak free, even tan that lasts up to 7 days. Skin feels nourished after immediate application and comfortable all day. The lightweight formula dries quickly leaving no residue. Transfer resistant, does not stain clothes.

The lady at the Rimmel stand at the Cosmo party also said that it didn't have that biscuit/usual tan smell.

-It is instant, colour if fully developed well before an hour
-Lasts well on the skin, now I've showered, sweated (gross I know) and it's still going strong
-Is a pretty natural colour- not got an orangey glow that some tans give off

-Smells like tan- BADLY, you literally must have no nose if you can't smell it, it's worse than my St Moritz. 
-It's transferred onto the white side of my quilt, white top, toilet seat- admittedly I haven't washed them yet so I can't say whether it's going to stain but it certainly isn't transfer resistant.
-So does not dry quickly, I also remember the lady saying it didn't leave you feeling sticky like other tans- oh you were wrong again, I was stood there for like half and hour trying to dry, then I finally got in bed and was still sticky- not impressed

Lets get this last thing off my chest... IT GAVE ME RANDOM PATCHES ON MY ARM AND BOTH LEGS. If you saw me on twitter on Saturday night you would of seen my meltdown about these awful splotches on my legs specifically- mainly because I had my cheer comp the next day and I wear a skirt? 

I literally can't quite work out why it happened because I used and did everything exactly the same as when I usually tan apart from the actual tanning product. To say I was upset was an understatement, I was stressed to the max about these hideous things on my leg. So unimpressed.

Would I buy again? ABSOLUTELY NO WAY ON THIS PLANET. Sorry Rimmel but I'm just going to stick to my trusty St Moritz.


  1. Sounds like an awful experience! I think I'll stick to my trusty old St Moriz! I use the new shade control one and it smells amazing!xx

  2. Awh! I hate when a well-named brand turns out with product like that.

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