Friday, 17 July 2015

Posh Picnic

Posh Picnic

I've teamed up with House Of Fraser for this awesome posh picnic post. I was asked to pick my favourite products that I would have at a picnic (I decided my picnic would be a posh one, most likely at the bottom of the garden) 

For clothing I chose this beautiful Uttam Boutique maxi dress, the print on this is so gorgeous and perfect for summer. I also love maxi dresses because they are so comfy, and they're perfect for hiding that food baby you get when you eat too much- which will happen. I chose these adorable Dune sandals, again where can you go wrong with typical sandals in summer? And they'd be so comfy!

When I think of a picnic I just think of a nice big blanket thrown on the floor, then to make it a posh picnic I thought the cushions would look fab. I managed to choose quite a few different styles of cushions- my favourite has to be the fish- mainly because it's a cushion shaped like a fish? Then again I'm obsessed with the explore one! And it's only £12 so I feel like I probably will pick that up at some point...

You've gotta have a nice picnic basket to hold all the food in- I went for a classic looking basket but the inside section which is blue gives it a different look. I'm loving the whole green/blue theme I've got going on- they're such summery colours, so I chose a few utensils that match those colours. The bowls and cups with the blue birds on have to be my favourite- such a gorgeous pattern! And how could you forget funky cocktail stirrers and little umbrellas? That is basically what summer is about.

After writing this post I actually really want to have a posh picnic.. I'll probably just end up eating toast in bed with my window open- practically the same thing when my bed covers are a beach right?

Here's the links for all the products in the picture,default,sc.html

*This post has been sponsored but all views are completely my own*

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