Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fashion Student Lingerie Collection

As some of you may know I've just finished my first year of my level 3 diploma in Fashion and Textiles at college. For my last project we got full control with what we wanted to make, what we wanted to use- we basically did what we wanted. When we were first told i was abit stumped for ideas- most people started with a theme and then turned it into a garment. But as we were discussing what we enjoyed doing throughout the year I realised i really enjoyed making a bra in my second project, so I knew lingerie was what I wanted to do. It was really hard to do as i was so used to making dresses and wasn't used to working with such delicate fabrics and doing such intricate designs.

I wanted it to be as sleek and modern as possible, I took inspiration from Oh So Lovely Intimates in the aspect that they make delicate, dainty items and I wanted to do the same. I did have 2 other bras but I didn't photograph those on a model aka my friend so I'm just going to share with you what I did photograph and two boards I made for my portfolio. 

I have really really enjoyed my first year as a fashion student and I can't to see what happens next year!

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