Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Epilepsy: Where It Got Bad

So if you've been reading my epilepsy story here the past few weeks (if you haven't I covered where it began and the teenage years) so today I'm going to be talking about when it got bad.

Right here's a little story for you that kind of explains it. I was on study leave, meaning I only had to go into school for my exams and it was the middle of June, I only had 2 exams left, a geography one which I was dreading- I'd spent all night revising for it and was stressed to the freaking max, and a science one the next day which I wasn't too bothered about. So on the morning of this geography one I walk to the bus stop on my own, hood up, headphones in- no doubt blasting Katy Perry, a few of the other kids soon turned up and it was just like a normal day when bam

I suddenly remember being in the middle of the road, covered in blood and sick, people I didn't recognise surrounding me, paramedics, a bus full of kids, people screaming. I just remember going in and out of conciousness. Apparently what had happened was I fell face first into the road and started having a tonic clonic seizure, the people at the bus stop called the ambulance, someone ran to my house to get my sister and step-dad, someone else called my mum. Anyway, the next thing I remember is being in A&E puking up literally every 5 minutes. 

Excuse the quality of this photo, it was taken on a blackberry and I never expected it'd end up on the internet!

Because of how I had fallen (straight onto my chin- I hadn't been able to put my arms out to stop the impact because I was technically unconscious) the Dr's wanted me to have some x-rays on my jaw because usually when someone falls like that their jaw is broken- and what do you know mine was too.. but what was weird was that only one side ended up being broken? The specialists found that odd but whatever.

This then meant I had to have an operation to fix it, between we breaking my jaw and having the op there was a week I think? I remember literally having to live off yogurts and ice cream because I couldn't eat!! For the actual op I know they wanted to put a metal disk into my jaw but for some reason they couldn't do it. I remember waking up from the operation (which was my first one by the way) and panicking because I couldn't talk?! They had wired my jaw shut so I couldn't open my jaw- this again meant I couldn't talk, or more importantly eat- I was on a complete liquid diet and the hospital gave me this awful Complan Shake stuff which is usually used for the elderly, it's got all the nutrients and that which you'd need to stay healthy in but it tasted absolutley horrific so I refused it. I actually lived off Dr Pepper and tropical juice for a few weeks, which meant I lost a hell of a lot of weight in a very short amount of time.

Whilst my jaw was wired shut I only had 1 fit and it was a fairly short one and I just remember being sick and it struggling to get out because my jaw was wired shut! It was horrible!! 

Another thing which I was most upset about was the fact my prom happened whilst my jaw was wired up, it was literally a week after my op so my face was still swollen, my stitches only got taken out the day before prom. I seriously remember contemplatling not going because I just looked horrible and I could't talk to anyone so what would be the point? Luckily I did get talked into going and I so glad I did because it was so nice to see everyone all dressed up and all together for one last time (it was annoying not being able to talk though)

I'm going to split this post into 2 because this is way too long for just one.. but that is the story of when my epilepsy got bad again.


  1. I work in a pharmacy and we are constanly dishing out complan to care homes. Really sorry to hear about your experience with epilepsy. I can't tell in the photos that your jaw is shut though.
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. It's horrible stuff, if I ever get to the stage where that's what I need I will not be happy!! It's okay, time and patience is becoming my best friend when dealing with it! Aw I'm glad, I was so self-concious, especially because I'm more of a teeth out person when smiling so I was convinced that it would be so noticeable!xo


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