Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Epilepsy: The Teenage Years

So as you may have seen in a post from last week I've started telling my story about my journey with epilepsy, you can read where it all began here. And today's post, just like the title states is all about the teenage years.

Lets start with when I started high school which wasn't technically me being a teenager but yeah. From year 7-9 I don't actually recall having any absence type seizures and I know for sure I never had any tonic clonic seizures. I also don't remember taking any medication to stop anything? I'm pretty sure I didn't even have tablets to take- I think this might be due to me moving around quite a lot in such a short amount of time so loosing touch with my epilepsy Dr and not going to a doctors? As far as I remember I think I had a few appointments with my epilepsy nurse and doctor, they obviously seemed happy with how I was doing.

When I was 15 (so year 10 and the first year of GCSE's) I remember quite vividly having medication- I was on Keppra. I also remember very vividly having absences whilst I was speaking to friends, and sitting in class- mainly because I'd be chatting away or listening one minute, the next it would blank and I'd feel like an utter idiot because I couldn't even remember what I was talking about?

I think the reason these seizures started up has something to do with the stress of all the work I was doing and probably all the hormones in my body- I will admit that I wasn't very good at taking my medication- I'd remember to take my morning dosage at break time at school, but when it came to night time and weekends and school holidays I probably didn't even take them at all.

This pretty much sums up my high school/teenage epilepsy story- the next section is where everything becomes more clearer and more serious because it wasn't that long ago so keep an eye out for that.

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  1. Oh darling, I'm so sorry you have to endure this. I understand what it's like to have something you can't control (I have anxiety/panic attacks/Endometriosis pains). Thank you for sharing this part of you with us.

    Sending Hugs XXXX

    Wendy Xx


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