Thursday, 30 July 2015

14 things I wish I could tell my 14 year old self

1) Don't buy Dream Matte Mousse in the darkest shade, you leave the house with horrible lines every single day and you look like a twat.

2) That boy you think you're in love with? You're not. Get over it and enjoy being 14.

3) Don't jump off a bridge into a river wearing white linen trousers and a white top- then proceed to walk home like it.

4) On the above note- don't wear that outfit ever again.

5) Remember that you have a gravel driveway and automatic motion light outside when you're attempting to sneak out, you will get caught one day.

6) Don't try so hard to be one of the popular kids, they will use you for all of the awesome parties you have and because your mum is so chill.

7) Don't be upset that you still haven't kissed a boy and you're falling behind compared to all your friends, you'll be late on everything else too.. It doesn't matter.

8) Maybe learn how to swim a little better before doing stupid stuff in water because chances are you will nearly drown and be scared of open water even when you're 18.

9) Just deal with the fact that you won't have boobs til you're 18 okay, don't let the boys calling you Justine No Tits upset you because they most likely have even smaller dicks.

10) You're going to make so many mistakes, just embrace them, they will help shape you.

11) Don't push your true friends away, they're still here for you now

12) Being friends with 16/17 year old boys wasn't cool, they weren't even fun to be around.

13) You are a complete fool who will continue to embarass herself so just embrace it.

14) Last but not least DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH YOUR BROWS. 


  1. aw! I'd give my younger self some similar advises.

    1. It's annoying we can't physically give ourselves the advice because we could of really needed it haha!!xo

  2. ha ha it's so funny to look back at what Wiest to do when we were young. I definitely can relate about the wrong shade of foundation whoops. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. I know! As I was writing this I was like omg why was I such an idiot?! I feel like as soon as you turn 13 you have to get shade matched just so you never make that fatal error haha!xo

  3. I relate to number 1, 2 and 14 like you wouldn't believe haha. Great post , I love this idea :) x

    1. I feel like everyone must be able to relate to those 3 at some point throughout their teenage years! It was such good fun actually! I'd love to see more of these popping up xo

  4. I can relate to number 1 and 13, haha! Love this post, definitely made me laugh - especially number 14. Luckily, I never touched my brows till I was about 16.

    1. Haha I'm glad! God I envy you sooo bad!! Not fair haha xo

  5. Looking back is so funny! I'd probably tell 14 year old me the same about trying to be popular the people that are your real friends love you for being you

    1. I know right! I have so many funny stories from that age but they're probably not internet friendly hahah!! Yeah now being nearly 19 I can honestly say that since leaving high school nearly 3 years ago none of them have made the effort more than a couple times! Not worth it really xo


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