Monday, 1 June 2015

What's on my iphone

I've seen a lot of these on Youtube but I've wanted to do one for ages but couldn't figure out how to do it without using my camera.. Then it dawned on me I could just screenshot.. Duh blonde moment! I've got a black iPhone 5 with an ombre blue waterdrop case.

So my lock screen is just a picture of me and my boyfriend, this is a photo from when we first got together so I love it.

On my home screen my background is a picture I found on google of the Disney World Castle all lit up at Christmas to get me excited for when I go in December. 

On the bottom I've got my most used apps, so messenger, twitter, phone and instagram. 

If you're not following me on instagram or twitter yet what are you doing?! Kidding but my usernames are there. I spend most of my time stalking people on instagram and 99% of the blog posts I read come through links I find on twitter.

Then on the top row we've got photos, camera, mail and safari. I have realised I seem to be one of the few iPhone users who uses safari and not chrome? Is chrome on the iPhone that good? We've then got my little folders which are organised by theme (I'm quite OCD with my phone for some reason?)

In this folder I've got Whatsapp, I don't use it as much as I did back when I was a blackberry user but it's really handy for speaking to my Auntie who's in Australia for a while so that's good. Then we've got Snapchat, if you haven't added me on there already do it now!! I'm using it as a sort of start to daily vlogging plus sneak peaks of blog posts plus general daily things. Facebook and messenger are pretty obvious ones to have there.

Pinterest is a weird one for me- I'll have like a night where I'm obsessed then won't touch it again for another month? If you do want to follow me on there my username is the same as twitter so justinebblogger. Whitagram is what I use to resize my photos  on instagram- I don't actually edit them on there though. 

I've recently got back into youtube after months of ignoring it because everyone seemed to be doing the same thing but now I love it again- I'm always on the lookout for new people to watch so send me your usernames and I'll subscribe!Phhhoto is another one I don't really use, I only got it because Katy Perry posts on there a lot so I'll have a little look on hers for anything new. Itube was great but now it's stopped working, but I've kept it because I like the music I've got there.

Next one along we've got this little folder- which I have to say is my most disorganised one? It has random stuff in. Sleep Cycle is amazing I love tracking my sleeping patterns and it's my favourite alarm- if you want to see what your sleep looks like get this app!! I love it! 

Maps I use fairly regularly if I need to get somewhere or want to see how far somewhere is- the main time I use this is when I'm going somewhere and want to see how far away I am from the destination or home.

Calculator is an obvious one, App Store also, I sometimes have a browse at what's new there but I usually get my apps from people on twitter or my sister or boyfriend haha! Music I rarely use even though I've got a pretty sick Disney album stored in there. Weather I only use for when I'm going somewhere. The Three app I never use I think I just have it because that's my network. Gmail is another one I don't know why I have? I think it's because sometimes my emails come through first on the gmail app and then on the apple mail app? Clock is only used for alarms.

On the second page I've just got a few things I don't really use but still want so keep them out of the way. For a while I was all about the monopoly game, me and my boyfriend would have little challenges, but then a new game came a long so I stopped playing it. The same with tipping point- I am in love with the TV show so I do like to play this. The Ryanair app is the app I used to book my flights to Italy with and it's really handy actually- I'll use it more when I go to Italy because I can check in on there.

This is what I like to call my blogging folder. I've got Polyvore which I don't actually use anymore and I have no idea why? My notes app is my holy grail, I've got all sorts in there , blog post ideas, things I need to remember- basically everything! Bloglovin- if I were to use bloglovin I would so choose the app over the desktop version because the desktop is so slow- as some of you may know I'm not the biggest Bloglovin fan- I prefer getting links from twitter, instagram or facebook. 

I've got my Barclays Pingit and Barclays Banking apps which I use all the time if I need to transfer anyone any money or if I want to check how little money I've got. My calender app is one that I use quite a lot- I'm actually quite a busy person but I just do boring things, so I like to put down there any appointments I've got.

The blogger app is great for if you want to post on the go- I used it for probably the first 4 months starting my blog? I don't use it as much anymore but it's still pretty fab. A blogger reccommended the Comb app a few weeks a go but I've still yet to investigate it so I should probably do that. Lastly in my blogging folder I've got the google analytics app which I swear by- I physically can't get my head around the desktop version so when I saw this I downloaded it hoping it would be easier and my god it is! Love it!

This is my games/random folder. I've got the countdown app with all the important birthdays and events happening. Alert 5 I don't actually use, but it's an app ran by Epilepsy Action which has emergency details in, what medication you take etc. Disney World app is a rather exciting one, you can book where you want to have meals, look at how long the queues are, what characters are where so it's a pretty good one for me!

Nandos app again I don't use, I don't think I've used it since being with Hayden because we use his nandos card so I don't have any chilli's. Candy Crush Soda- absolutely love this game, I prefer it to the original candy crush for some reason? Timehop is my favourite thing to go through every morning- I just love reading some of the stuff I was getting up to 4/5 years ago!!

Sleepy wings is another game I love it's abit like candy crush where you have to match a certain amount to get rid of them. Monopoly bingo I used to use like crazy but I don't any more I just can't be bothered with it. The Test is really cool- you go up against someone in your facebook friends list and answer questions then the person has to guess what you put, it's pretty fun.

On the second page of this folder I've got my naughty Just Eat app, so when I fancy a takeaway I can just put in my postcode and see what I want and order it! Buzzfeed I don't really use, if I'm having a night where I can't sleep or I'm just really bored I'll have a little look. Frozen Free Fall I don't use.

AA I don't use because it's so bloody annoying, I just can't do it. Tetris I do use abit I've only recently got it so I'm still loving it! 94% I've completed all the levels on this so I'm waiting for another update to play it- it's like family fortunes so it's really cool! 

Sudoku is amazing, I used to play it on Brain Training on the DS and forgot how much I loved it- I like that I really have to think about what I'm doing! 2048 is the game of the moment- me and Hayden are always trying to beat each-others high score- it's a really easy game, all you have to do is match up 2 numbers which are the same!

This is my second page and the page I like to call my messy one- I really need to re-organise things. Top row we have a folder filled with all the stuff I don't use or anybody uses. I'm pretty sure it's a universal folder that everyone has hah! Next is settings and obvious one. Netflix, I don't tend to use the app because my TV has netflix on so I usually watch it on there or I use the laptop- I suppose if I don't have wifi or I'm not at home I'd probably use it (yay for unlimited internet) I bloody love Heart radio- it's got that good mix of recent music with older music I love it.

Then we've got SimplyStats- it's essentially google analytics but it's easier to find the simple things like page views? I defo recommend it. TubeMusic is my new music app but I don't really like it because there's so many adverts and I keep clicking on them haha. I've recently started slimming world so I decided to get the app because it's so easy to just type in a food or drink and you can see how many syns it is! Moldiv is what I use to create before/after or mirrored photos. 

Photoshop Express is my new favourite app- it's a free one and I edit my photos on there now and they look bloody amazing- I don't know why everyone isn't raving about it?! Dropbox I use to backup my photos in case anything happens and to get photos I've taken on my phone for my blog.


  1. OMG my claim to fame being on the Twitter screenshot!! Love these posts though as I'm a creeeeeeeep xx

    Charlie CP

    1. Haha yessss!! OMG me too, I'm soo nosey so I love it!! You should do one!!xo


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