Friday, 26 June 2015

REVIEW: Nip and Fab Bee Sting Deluxe Souffle

I received this goodie at the Cosmo Summer Party (read about it here) I've been wanting to try some Nip and Fab products out for a while but never really known how I'd like it and they're not the cheapest of products so I've just held out, but I am so pleased I've gotten the chance to use this as it's amazing!!

When I first read it had bee venom in I have to say I was a little weirded out and slightly confused then I remembered that I've read about people who inject venom into their body to keep looking young (now that is weird) 

A super rich, intensively moisturising body cream with bee venom to help plump and firm for healthy and more youthful looking skin with improved elasticity.
Bee venom helps plump and firm the appearance of the skin,
Honey hydrates and softens
Shea butter restores moisture and improves elasticity.

-Smells absolutely amazing
-Very moisturising
-Skin does feel firmer after one use and I can feel the difference in my skin after only 2 weeks of use

-Skin tingles when using it (it is bearable but slightly weird)
-Rather thick formula, however it does sink in reasonably well.

Would I repurchase this? 100%! I've already been recommended the bee sting face mask so keep your eyes peeled for a review of that soon...

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