Monday, 22 June 2015

Review: Argan Oil hair treatment

So my mum picked this up the other day in Tesco's because she thought it would be really good for the knots in her hair- unfortunately she didn't realise it was a hair oil! But luckily for me it meant a new product for me to try.

I'm really bad with my hair care, as in I just shampoo and condition, which is bad considering I have bleached hair and probably should take better care of it.. Anyway I thought I'd test it and see what I thought.

Here's what it claims- Intensive hydrating treatment, repairs and rejuvenates, leaving hair shiny, smooth and healthy.

It says to towel dry hair and apply 2-3 drops onto the hand and distribute evenly through the hair. I did just that and here's my pros and cons.


Cost- It's only £1 I think which is really good considering you get 50ml!

Result- My hair does feel a lot softer after using this and looks a little bit healthier after only one use so I like that.


Smell- It doesn't smell like the other Argan products this brand do, like the shampoos and conditioners. It smells like a dodgy soap? The smell really clings to your hair and its actually starting to make me feel rather ill.

Bottle- The bottle is glass so isn't handy for travelling- that's not my issue with it though. It's got a screw on lid and that's it- in the instructions is says put 2-3 drops on so I was expecting a little pipette thing so I could actually get the right amount out, so I was disappointed I just had to guess what 2-3 drops is when it's just pouring out on my hand?

Result- It has left the ends of my hair looking disgustingly greasy- in fact it looks like I've gone down to the chip shop and dipped the ends in the deep fat fryer? Not impressed- My hair felt really heavy after using it too and looked rather limp and awful. At the same time I do wonder if I added too much product so that's the reason why it ended so horrifically but how am I supposed to get the right amount of product?

Have any of you tried the products by this brand, let me know what you thought down below!

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