Friday, 12 June 2015

How to clean makeup brushes and beauty blenders

Cleaning brushes has to be one of the worst things ever, but to keep away all the nasties that build up on our brushes we have to do it- probably a good deep clean every 2 weeks at most (I'm really bad at this so I won't judge haha) People clean their brushes all sorts of ways but the way I do it is really simple, cheap and effective!

What you'll need
Baby Shampoo
Warm water

That is literally it, I use the little silver pot which is just the other half of a soap holder! I use baby shampoo because it's so gentle it won't damage your brushes! I picked this bottle up in Savers for like £1 and it's lasted me for so long so I highly recommend getting a big bottle of baby shampoo if you're on a budget.

I start by just rinsing the brush under some warm water- now it's careful that you do use warm water and not cold because that won't kill the bacteria and hot water can damage the brush.

I then fill my little pot up with a little water and a squeeze of shampoo. I just swirl the brush around in the pot until the colour gets really bad, then I rinse under the tap until the water runs clean, for the more denser brushes like my foundation brushes or my contouring brush I repeat these steps.

For my beauty blender I pretty much do the same thing- I run it under the water for a while which gets rid of some of the foundation stuck in there, then do the silver pot filled with water and shampoo and just squish it around for a while. I rinse it again and find that most of the foundation/dirt has gone, but when I've been naughty and haven't cleaned it in a while I just put a small amount of shampoo directly onto it and really rub it in, I find that this gets rid of any stains and gets it looking like the colour it was when I first bought it!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know how you clean your brushes in the comments section!

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