Sunday, 28 June 2015

Cuba Revolution Norwich New Menu Launch

So on Thursday I was invited to try Cuba Revolutions new Cuban menu, now I've never been before but I've always heard such good reviews and I'm meant to be going next week with all my college girls so it was nice to have a little try before I went again!

When I arrived (like 10 minutes late ugh) I was greeted by Andreas who was amazing! I got seated and got myself a name badge whilst chatting to the other guests, Andreas then bought me a very nice Mojito it was amazing! Andreas then explained about the new nibbles that have been bought out- sweet banana chips, pork scratchings and spicy mixed nuts. He was saying the reason those 3 have been chosen is because they've got that perfect sweet/savoury/spicy mix that you need- I will say those pork scratchings were the best I have ever had.. They didn't have that weird foamy bit you sometimes get in packet ones? (if you know what I mean?) And there was sweetcorn in the spicy mixed nuts pot and they tasted just like nachos!

The wonderfully moustached chef then came out to show us how to make the perfect burrito.. he made it look so bloody easy! Then it was time for a small competition between the 8 of us on who could make the best burrito! I have to say for my first try I think I did a pretty good job.. although I didn't win (the amazing Hannah's boyfriend did! His was pretty good though!)

Once everyone had made their burritos they were taken away from the tables to be replaced with what I can only describe as the best tapas selection ever, the food was coming out non-stop for a good 10 minutes! We got to try pretty much all of the new menu?! I'll list what we had and hopefully you'll be able to guess what was what from the photos!

-Albondiga Picante (basically a giant meatball with spicy tomato sauce and sour cream, this was abit too spicy for my liking I could only handle one mouthfull)

-Cajun Cream Mushrooms (oh lord these were amazing, I'm such a lover of mushrooms and these tasted insane!)

-Nachos del Sol (oh yes nachos... I have been craving nachos for weeks.. damme you slimming world ((also this was a massive cheat day)) and when these bad boys came out wow.. they were topped with homemade Roquito and Manchego cheese sauce, black beans, mango and guacamole- their guacamole was the best I have ever tasted no joke.. Andreas was saying how it's all made by hand, the chefs squeeze the avacados to get the right texture, then add fresh chillies and some lime and it's just so heavenly and amazing!) 

-Roasted Chorizo (They cut it into wedges almost so you get more per mouthful and its glazed in a rich red wine and honey sauce- the sauce alone was beautiful)

-Honey Roasted Veg (Roasted courgettes, carrots, peppers and sweet potato- lets be honest all roasted vegtables are insane but adding the honey always makes them that bit better)

-Serrano Ham Bruschetta (When this came out I was just taken back to Florence, I literally ate that for lunch at a food market! It tasted just as good and you can't go wrong with it!)

-Ropa Vieja Tacos (these were mini lamb tacos with rum mayo and sweet slaw and as soon as I saw these I had to pick one up! They were so cute I just couldn't resist)

Then this entire chicken was bought out with sweet potato fries (so good) mojito battered onion rings (such a classic and the batter made it unique) house rice and cuban salad. All of that so a whole chicken, plus 4 sides is just £20! That is cheaper than what your cheeky nandos might be and I can say right now that it tastes 100% better and you can essentially feed 4 people for £5 per person which is insane.

 The surprises didn't end there oh my.. Andreas then took us to the bar where there were a trio of desserts ready for us to demolish, there were Strawberry and Mango Empanadas, I didn't try any because there were none left by the time I was ready for one! Then there were Chocolate Rum Truffles, I had half a bite and it was so rich, it tasted absolutely amazing but was just too much especially after what I'd just eaten. Then there was Churros with Rum and Caramel sauce holy moly they tasted amazing, so could of eaten and entire pot of those! Lastly to cleanse the palette there was a shot of a Strawberry Daiquiri- I'm all about a good daiquiri and this actually did cleanse my palette!

The final surprise was cocktail making! Andreas picked 4 cocktails for four of us to make (I can't remember all of them but they all tasted good) I made a DarkNStormy- which is basically crushed ice, dark rum  and ginger beer- it tasted absolutely amazing! I don't usually like dark rum or ginger beer but it was amazing?! 

I had such a lovely time trying the new menu and I'm so 100% going back (most likely next week) it's so affordable, amazing food, amazing drinks, amazing staff- I literally can't fault the place! There is something for everyone! I'd like to thank Andreas and the rest of the lovely staff for inviting me it was amazing! So if you're in Norwich you know where to head to next!

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  1. I'm not much of a spicy food fan but srsly can I just go there for a drink and those churros?? I would die for those!!



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