Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cosmopolitan Summer Party

So on Saturday (13th June) Cosmo held their first ever summer party!! The lovely Courteney got tickets and invited me to be her plus 1! I was so excited as I'd read about the event and it looked amazing!

I met Courteney at Liverpool St (only because I accidentally booked my train for half an hour later than her.. oops) we then started our walk to the venue.. We did get a little lost (surprise surprise!) but in the end we managed to find a large queue of stylish looking women and discovered we were in the right place!

Once we got into the venue we were given these adorable little tokens for food, cocktails and prosecco.. We headed straight to the Prosecco bar (I ended up not liking mine and gave it to Court which she was happy about!)

After that we found our way into a line for Freya Lingerie/Swimwear- I'd never heard of them before but their collections are amazing! I got my boobs measured as it's been like 2 years since I last had them measured and you're supposed to get it done every 6 months(?!!!!!!!) One of the lovely ladies managed to guess what size I was just by looking at my boobs... damme what a job!

After this we went and watched Fleur De Force's chat on Summer Beauty,  it was such a good chat but went really quick- I was lucky enough to meet her after the talk but forgot to get a photo face palm but she is so incredibly nice and is just amazing! 

There was so much to do there, we had a little photobooth session with Surf and a topless man (score) a little fast response game with Soft & Gentle, I was awful at it but Courteney was awesome!! Then there was cocktails on the tap from Zubrowka (bad idea for me to drink because I'm such a freaking lightweight haha) We then went and had a chat with Neev from Kiss FM who was DJ-ing- might I add she is bloody gorgeous! Literally I walked in and was like wow.. She was so lovely too we had a chat with her for ages!

After this we went and watched the fashion show- the models were bloody gorgeous and the clothes they were coming out in were beautiful! They then got Fleur on for her second chat which was more to do with blogging/vlogging and a second book (yes she's releasing another!!) I really enjoyed this chat as it was just so chilled yet really informative. Me and Courteney were a little peckish by this time so we went outside and got some WheyHey candyfloss and ice cream!!! Plus a pulled pork burger which tasted like heaven from Hot Box, mmmm... To finish up we had a browse at the Rimmel stand, I wanted to get my nails done but there was no more appointments left (booooo.. although I had left it a rather long time..) So we just played around in their photobooth!!

To end the evening Neev had a little KISSTORY session which was amazing, everyone was dancing and just having an amazing time. For the first Cosmo Party they did bloody amazing! I'm so excited to just hear if there's anymore in the future because I had such an amazing day!

We received these amazing goody bags at the end of the night, I'll do a full review of a few of the products in the coming weeks but a huge thank-you to all the brands who gave us items!

And here's a quick OOTD.. I know it was a Summer party and I wanted to be summery but it was so cold and rainy in Norwich when I left I had to cover up!

Sunglasses- New Look
Dress- New Look
Bag- Primark
Tights- Tesco
Shoes- Tesco


  1. This looks like an amazing event, how luck of you to go!!
    Love all the pictures :)
    Sounds like you have a great time, that pulled pork burger is making me hungry!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  2. This looks like such a nice event! I love your outfit and your hair is just gorgeous!!
    Eden x / edenroses

  3. looks like it was an amazing day and an amazing event! xx


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