Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Blogging Goals

So in April/May sorta time I decided I wasn't happy with my blog, the way it looked and the content I was giving out. I made it my mission to create some goals and hit them!

1) Buy a layout that I like that makes my blog look more professional and less like a free template from Blogger- DONE

2) Improve my photos, whenever I look back at my photos from even December I cringe, my point and shoot camera wasn't doing a good job and I wasn't editing them at all. Then I discovered PicMonkey and started editing my photos on there, they still weren't great and my camera was going downhill so I started using my iPhone and they did start to look better- I finally became happy with them this month when I started using the photoshop app.. Oh my I'm so obsessed with my photos now! I know I'm just going to keep learning new tips and tricks but for the moment I'm pretty happy with them! DONE

3) Get better at SEO.. Admitadly I haven't really bothered with this yet.. I've read a lot of really good posts on how to improve but I'm still abit clueless.. I think I need to be in the right mindset to fully understand and take on board what people are saying about it..

4) Post more often, I was going through stages of posting 3 times a week and then hiding away and only posting once a month? So I've made it my mission to create content for 3 days a week and I will say that throughout June I have done amazingly on this and this was whilst I was still at college and work so hopefully now I have free time this will continue! DONE

5) Create a schedule and stick to it, I now have a spreadsheet with all my posts in what state they are whether it's fully ready and just waiting to be posted or just at the initial idea stage. I have found it so much easier to stick to what I want to and see exactly what stage I am with a post! DONE

6) Buy a domain, this is something I haven't done yet but I've looked into it, I've seen the name I want, I know how much it will be, I just need to do it! Hopefully I will have done this by the end of June!

Let me know what your blogging goals are xo


  1. I love PicMonkey, wish I had Photoshop though. Honestly my blogging goals are just to try and put myself out there more. Being a new blogger is hard word, getting people to want to interact on your blog is near on impossible. I see now why girls do giveaways to gain followers. I don't wanna be that gal though, I want people to actually like what I write about and chose to subscribe without me giving them free stuff lolz.

    I just gotta keep posting, daily if can be, and then maybe with more content will come more readers, I hope.

    Where about in Norfolk are you Justine? I live just south of Norwich.

    Wendy xx

    1. Same! If you have an iPhone you can get the app for free that's all I use!! Yeah, you're doing pretty well though to be honest! I always see you on my timeline! Yeah- try getting involved in blogger chats, I find I always get a good few readers every chat and I find new blogs to read so it's a win win really! Yeah I don't like that.. so cringey!

      I'm in Norwich! Excited to meet you at our Norwich Bloggers Summer Party!!xo


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