Monday, 15 June 2015

A week in the life of a fashion student/blogger #2

If you didn't check out what I got up to last week have a look here.. Here's this week and I think it's been rather exciting!

11.15am- wake up reply to emails & tweets, promote latest posts on Twitter/fb/Google+
11.40am- get breakfast most disgusting nutty muesli ew & go through Twitter looking for new bloglovin links, instas to follow and blog posts to read 

12pm- college work annotate book, draw more designs, plan how to make next bra 
1pm- plan what I'm doing at college Wednesday Thursday and Friday 
1.15pm- back on Twitter joining in on the #ltbloggers chat
1.30pm- lunch of salad and baby potatoes 
2pm- have a bloglovin follow and read session
2.30pm- look at today's stats on simply stats and be amazed that people from China and Germany are reading my blog?
2.45pm- tidy my room & help Hayden tidy the kitchen
3.30pm- go a lil obsessed on Pinterest 
4.20pm- Twitter & TV time

5pm- another #ltbloggers chat
6pm- Twitter, replying to emails and organising Norwich bloggers event
6.40pm- dinner time
7.20pm- planning Norwich bloggers event 
10pm- get into bed and watch TV whilst stalking Twitter
11pm- watch family guy and sleep

7.20am- wake up & check phone notifications
7.40am- get ready for work
8.30am- go to work 
9am- get to work and just feel so ill it's awful

12.30pm- lunch break, eat & catch up on emails & twitter
1.30pm- back to work
3.30pm- break, check Twitter
4pm- back to work

6pm- home time
6.15pm- more organising for Norwich bloggers event & Twitter stalking
7.30pm- dinner time
8pm- back to organising the event
9pm- watch 8 out 10 cats whilst chatting to Courtney about the event
10pm- watch 8 out of 10 cats does countdown
11pm- call Hayden & watch family guy
12.30am- sleep 

9.15am- wake up, check phone notification 
9.45am- breakfast
10am- fill out slimming world food diary
10.15am- reply to emails 
10.30am- shower and get ready
11.30- leave for college

12.30pm- get to college and get making!!
2.45pm- I managed to finish my last bra!! And get a good break!
3pm- back to the workshop to make, making knickers now
4.30pm- go home

5.15pm- get home & get changed
5.30pm- go to slimming world loose 1lb
6pm- go to cheer and die from over sweating
9pm- finish cheer 
9.30pm- go to tesco to get dinner
10pm- eat dinner and check Twitter
11pm- get into bed and watch family guy
12am- sleep time 

7.40am- wake up & check phone notifications
7.50am- get ready
8.20am- eat breakfast & get dressed
8.40am- leave the house, get a couple of the college girls and drive to college
9.15am- get to college
9.20am- get straight on the sewing machine and finish knickers!!!
10.45am- have a break in the sun 
11am- back to the studio to touch up knickers and bra- cut any bits of thread
11.30am- paint my final designs and have a chit chat

12.15pm- leave college & get the bus to hospital
1pm- have physio appointment- got soft tissue damage in my shoulder :(
2pm- get picked up by my nanny and get taken to my great nannys to do some gardening (I sunbathed) 
3.30pm- go to the tip to dump garden waste
4pm- get home, eat some pasta & watch TV 

6.30pm- wake up from nap & just stay in bed watching YouTube vids and stalking Twitter because I feel soooo ill & watch a lil TV
10pm- Hayden turns up & takes mum to get chips for tea (how healthy & late of us..)
11pm- get in bed, watch family guy
12am- sleep

7.40am- wake up & check Twitter 
7.50am- get ready
8.25am- get dressed
8.35am- leave for college 
9.15am- get to college and righted straps on knickers to make them smaller
10am- photo shoot of underwear 
10.45am- have a break 
11am- edit photos, print photos 

12.30pm- go for lunch in the sun with the girls
1.30pm- annotate sketchbook & finish bits off in the book
2.15pm- fire alarm goes off because someone's set fire to something
2.45pm- finish college & walk into the city to meet Hayden & go to boots
3.30pm- get home & nap

5.30pm- wake up and watch TV and check phone notifications 
7pm- cook dinner 
7.40pm- eat dinner
8.15pm- relax in bed catching up on YouTube vids, snapchat and Twitter
11pm- watch TV in bed and fall asleep

9am- wake up and check phone notifications with a cup of tea in bed 
10am- shower and dye my hair pink again, get ready & stress over what to wear 

12pm- relax for a lil while
12.30pm- leave house for the train
1.15pm- get on the train and get myself comfy 
3.30pm- meet Courtney at Liverpool St and leave for the party, get lost along the way (what would a trip to London be without getting lost?

8pm- leave the party and head for a cheeky nandos (for Courtney)
9.15pm- get on the train and rummage through what we received at the party, discuss the Norwich bloggers event & chat to Courtney about all things blogging
11.30pm- get into the station just about ready to pass out... Hayden picks me up
11.45pm- get home and get into bed and just pass out

11am- wake up feeling a little refreshed but still exhausted, check phone notifications 

12.30pm- get ready and deep cleanse my skin because it felt awful from all the makeup worn yesterday
1pm- visit my uncle & have a catch up with Hayden
3pm- get home, get into bed, look through Twitter and edit photos from yesterday, write blog post about the event

5.15pm- edit vlog from yesterday
5.30pm- realise I have like 1 minute of footage and it's all pretty poor so write a new post (whilst getting distracted by twitter)
6.15pm- Eat dinner
6.45pm- Start planning my posts via a spreadsheet thanks to Tea Party Beauty
7.30pm- Stalk twitter, instagram, youtube and snapchat
9pm- Snuggle up in bed watching TV & looking through twitter
11pm- Watch TV and Sleep!

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