Monday, 8 June 2015

A week in the life of a fashion student/blogger

This is a new series I'm starting- I'm always really nosey and love reading/watching what other people get up to in their day to day life so here is a week in my life..

7am- wake up check emails, Twitter, Facebook
7.20am- get ready
7.50am make breakfast (special k & milk)
8am- leave for college
8.30am- get on the coach

12pm- get to London
12.20pm- explore Victoria and Albert fashion room, read about it here
1pm- explore Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition, read about it here
2.15pm- go for lunch- I bought a bottle of diet coke and caramel snack a jacks for £3.10 utter rip off *sobs*
3pm- get on coach to GFW
4pm- get to GFW explore, read about it here
5.15pm- eat dinner, I went to the most amazing Mexican restaurant and had a grilled chicken salad with quinioa.

6pm- leave for Norwich 
9pm- get home
9.15pm- sort through photos taken today & edit them
10.30pm- catch up on Twitter, emails & blog posts
11pm- watch TV in bed ie Family Guy
12am- sleepy time

7.30am- wake up, check emails, social media
7.45am- get ready
8.15am- check rota realise I'm not working- go back to sleep
10.30am- wake back up feeling refreshed, stalk Twitter & snapchat
11am- eat breakfast watch food network (all about Barefoot Contessa)
11.30am- college work

1pm- catch up on twitter & fb
2pm- wake up from my nap & read blogs 
3pm- give the house a quick tidy
3.45pm- sort calendar out & plan new posts
4.15pm- read through uni prospectus 
4.45pm- quick shop at aldi
5.15pm- register with
5.50pm- get on with blog posts

6pm- make dinner (Try Slimming World diet cola chicken- nicest thing ever!)
6.30pm- write posts, schedule posts
8pm- watch YouTube vids 
8.30pm- shower
9pm- YouTube videos & social media 
10pm- chill out in bed watching TV & Twitter snapchat and insta
12pm- sleepy time 

9.30am- wake up check social media, emails
10pm- breakfast & read blog posts
11am- get a shower & get ready

12pm- quick trip to tescos to get some lunch
12.30pm- go to college 
3pm- Make one of my bra's for the small collection I'm making as part of my Final Major Project (it's a little messy and rushed but not too bad)
4pm- Annotate about the bra, how I made it, what materials I used 
4.30pm- go home
5pm- get changed & get stuff sorted for the night & next day
5.30pm- go to slimming world- I lost 6 1/2lbs!!

6pm- cheer (chip my tooth & hurt shoulder again- cons of being the most amazing backbase haha)
9pm- finish cheer head to the Hayden's
9.45pm- get to Hayden's chill out
10.30pm- get in bed watch TV- Family Guy again!!
12pm- sleepy time 

10am-wake up look through phone notifications
10.30- eat breakfast & watch criminal minds (this season's finale was insane omg!!)

12pm- get in the shower & get ready
1pm- tidy up & leave for the beach (we went to Gorleston it was so lovely just sitting on the beach!)
3pm- eat lunch in a cute lil cafe by the beach (Me and Hayden were both naughty and shared a portion of chips and a ham and cheese panini.. it was so good though!)
4pm- get home and relax

7pm-make dinner
8pm- start organising the fabulous Norwich bloggers summer meet up (if you're a blogger in the Norfolk/Suffolk area let me know and I'll add you to our mailing list so you get all the info for this and future events!)
10pm- stalk Twitter & continue to organise Norwich meet
11.30- cuddles in bed & sleepy time 

7.45am- wake up & get ready
8.15am- eat breakfast, reply to emails
8.30am- leave for college checking Twitter, emails, instagram
9.30am- get to college so late because of so much traffic (there was traffic literally everywhere I was so angry!)
10.45am- break in the sun 
11am- cut bra pattern pieces out & overlock & start getting it all together

12.30pm- lunch 
1.30pm- Add bias binding round the edge of the bra 
2pm- have a mental breakdown because none of the machines would work and I couldn't sew the bias binding on
4pm- finish college & do some shopping
5pm- eat tea

6.30pm- chill and plan Norwich bloggers event 
7.30pm- do hair, I was naughty and bought a blonde box dye, did that to my hair then used Bleach London's Rose hair dye it's amazing!!!
10pm- go to Hayden's 
11pm- relax and watch some TV (of course it was Family Guy)
12am- sleepy time

9.30am- wake up check phone for notifications
10am- go back to sleep
11.30am- avocado on toast for breakfast
11.50am- watch YouTube videos

12.30pm-photograph for new blog post (try and guess what it will be from the photo down below)
1pm- edit photos
2pm- shower & get ready
2.30pm- go into high street to pick up some bits
3pm- have a very late lunch & watch storage wars 
4pm- nap (I was extremely tired today and I don't know why?)

6pm- stalk social media 
7pm- make dinner
8pm- go to Hayden's grandparents
10pm- watch time travellers wife (yeah I cried)
12am- watch Russell Howard's good news
1am- sleepy times

10am- wake up, reply to emails & tweets, see that today's post has gone up
10.45am- make some breakfast and watch TV 
11.30am- get a shower and get ready

12.45pm catch up on snapchat, Twitter & insta
1.20pm- go to aldi and get stuff for tea
1.45pm- go for a nap
3.30pm- wake up and check Twitter etc
4.30pm- drive home
5.30pm- sort my room out

6.30pm- eat dinner
7pm- watch haunted mansion whilst reading through Twitter & replying to emails
8pm- bbloggers chat
9pm- write up blog posts & reply to emails whilst listening to Channel 4's Comedy Gala
11pm- Watch Family Guy
12am- Sleep time

So this has been my week.. as you can see every single day is different! Hope you look forward to reading next week's getting up to's....

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