Sunday, 3 May 2015

Prom On A Budget- The Dress

So for many people prom/formal season is starting to creep upon them, so  I thought I'd do a short prom on a budget series featuring the dress, the accessories and the beauty aspects. Today shall be the dress!

Long Dresses

This dress would suit anyone! Because it's got that nude/pink tones to it it would be so easy to accessorise too. I love how detailed the bodice section is, it gives the dress that extra something. This is from Boohoo for only £30!

I love this dress, if you've got that hourglass figure it would look amazing- although it would look amazing on anyone who wore it! It's so simple in style and colour so again would be easy to accessorise. This is from Missguided for £40.

If you're looking for something that's abit more bright this is the dress for you, I love the plunging neckline and the off the shoulder embellished straps and waistband. I love when dresses are embellished like this as it gives them an extra something! This is from ASOS for £65.

If you've got a 1920's theme for your prom/formal then this dress is utter perfection! I mean they obviously didn't have fully sequinned dresses back then but the zig zag pattern of the dress screams Art Deco and the 1920's to me- plus it's got all the glamour you'd need. This dress is from Quiz for £69.99.

Short Dresses

This is such a gorgeous dress! The pattern on it is so perfect- it's so subtle yet you know its there. It's in a perfect colour so that you can have whatever sort of accessories you want in whatever colour! It's from ASOS for £62.

I love the style of this one, the crossed front looks amazing and the embellishment around the neckline and waist is amazing. The colour of the dress is gorgeous too. It would go perfectly with silver accessories! This dress is from Boohoo for £25.

I have to say this is probably my favourite dress of the lot, the colour is so adorable and I can just picture white accessories going heavenly with it. The style of the dress itself is so classy yet so grown up at the same time? The deep neckline with the mesh covering it keeps it looking classy and the lace flowers on the bodice looks so beautiful and so well made. This dress is from Missguided for £45.

Pastel colours for prom are so perfect, and pastel blue is so easy to accessorise- think white or silver like the embellished section of the dress which might I add I love! Again if you've got a 1920's theme this dress is for you! Its from Quiz for £39.99.

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