Saturday, 30 May 2015

American Candy haul

So I read on someone's blog (I can't for the life of me think who though I'm so sorry!) that B&M stock a few American sweets, so today I rushed out to my local store and was in heaven! Normally things are pretty expensive if you go to a direct sweet store or somewhere like Tesco but you'll be pleasantly surprised that the cheapest thing here was 49p and the most expensive was £1.29!

Butterfinger Bites- £1
I still can't figure out if I like these, the peanut butter inside part isn't very strong and doesn't really taste of anything? I reckon the bars are nicer than these bites!

M&M Mega Chocolate- 69p
These don't taste like M&M's at all- they don't even look like them? They're a lot bigger- the chocolate is nice but not great. Doubt I'd buy them again.

Tootsie Roll- 59p
This is the weirdest thing ever- chocolate flavoured caramel but not caramel bar- at first I wasn't sure but after eating the entire thing I was pretty certain I'd buy again.

Cherry Twizlers- 89p
The cherry flavour is not what I was expecting- you can really tell there's artificial flavours in there. I'm not sure I like them, they are pretty sickly and aren't as nice as our cherry stick things.. I probably would buy them again but only if I couldn't get hold of something we already have here!

M&M Peanut Butter- 69p
These are really nice- kind of like a Reese's piece but with more chocolate? It tastes nicer than the regular peanut M&M's, I really like them! Definitely buy again!

Mike and Ikes- £1.29
I've had these before and they taste so bloody good, my favourite flavour is the mango one. They taste just like jelly beans but with different flavours? For what you pay you get a big box which lasts a while! Would so buy these again.

Reeses Sticks- 49p
I love anything Reeses anyway so I knew I'd like this before I'd even tried it. It tastes just like a wafer bar but with peanut butter in the middle- you can't really taste the chocolate round the edge but I don't care about that! 100% buy this again!

M&M Pretzels- 69p
These are the nicest thing I bought. End of. Ugh I love pretzels sweet and salted, I love chocolate so the two combined is just pure heaven! I don't really have much to say about them because they are just so nice, apart from the fact they need to be sold everywhere. I will without a doubt be buying these again.

Hope you all liked this post! Let me know if you've tried any of these before or if you have any recommendation's for me to try for when I go to America!


  1. So much American goodness here! I've always wondered what the hell a Tootsie Roll is, now I've finally found out haha ;) The M&M peanut butter sound really gorgeous. As for the M&M pretzels, they sounds interesting and like a moreish combo too. Definitely craving sweets after reading this :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. I know was so amazing! Me too, it was really weird but I kinda want to eat more? You should so try it! Its so nice- if you like reeses you'd seriously adore those M&Ms! The pretzel ones are the best ones ever!!xo


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