Sunday, 22 March 2015

March Haul

I didn't really know what to call this because I've gotten things from a few places so it's not just a one place haul.. So it's my March Haul. I haven't actually bought myself anything since last year (can we all just take a moment) so I thought I deserved a (few) treats.  

I've been needing this product for over a year now.. And I'm happy to say I finally have Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Blonde in my hands, I am so freaking happy. After I'd ordered it I was slightly worried it was going to be too light but it's literally the perfect shade. I will be doing a full review once I've used it a couple times so keep an eye out for that. I ordered mine off of BeautyBay and it was £15 which is a really good price I think!!

To go with that I ordered a Zoeva 322 brow line brush. I have used it once and it's so easy to use and the small bristles mean I can really get life like hairs! It was off BeautyBay again and was £5.95 which again I think is stupidly cheap for the quality you get!

I've been lusting over Mia Moretti's MAC collection since it was released and I've finally managed to get hold of the lipstick (it's actually called Media)! In the pictures online it looks quite brown however its more purpley in real life- which I am happy about because I'm not sure I could of pulled off brown lips.. Its got a satin finish and like all MAC lipsticks it lasts forever so I'm highly impressed! Like the rest of the MAC lipsticks it was £15.50 so it isn't what I call cheap but for what you get it's so worth it!

Because I ordered off MAC I for some reason got a little mini sample of their studio fix foundation (which I have tried a few times before but I've never been a huge fan) but it's in literally a replica of the normal sized bottle! It's adorable! Hopefully it's a shade I can wear at some point because I would like to try it out again.  Also for the duration of March MAC have a discount code which gives you free next day delivery (normally £8!) with the code MACTREAT so be sure to try that!

I've wanted to try a beauty blender for god knows how long but I've always heard such mixed reviews and didn't want to fork out a huge amount and not like it- so I decided to pick up Real Techniques Complexion Perfection Sponge from superdrug which was £5.99. I am going to struggle to get used to it though I can feel it!

Lastly I picked up something else I've been wanting ever since I saw American youtubers with it! The new Maybelline Dream Flawless Fluid in the shade Ivory 10 for £8.99, it's only recently been released to the UK so I'm quite on the ball with this release compared to usual! I am really excited to use this a few more times and there will be a review so look out for it!!

Because of how many new products I got I decided to do a quick look with them all (I'm not going to go into detail on most products because they're going to have separate reviews) but here's the final look!! Oh and excuse the volcano on my forehead!

Eyeshadow- Makeup Revolution, Mascara- Benefit Roller Lash, Blush- Kiko, Bronzer- Sleek Contour palette.


  1. Need to try our the Miracle sponge & the Mac lippie is soooo soooo gorgeous 💗 Need to buy it too, such a lovely Haul :)

    Serene xox

    1. I've tried the sponge and it's really good! It's a little weird compared to a brush but I love it! Defo recommend it! Omg let me know if you buy the lipstick! It's amazing xo

  2. I'm so very jealous of this post! I want to try it all!
    LeviJade xx


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