Friday, 13 March 2015

Backstage at Norwich Fashion Week's Designers show

As part of my college course I was lucky enough to be a dresser at the designer show as well as having my garment walk the runway. We had to arrive bright and early at Epic Studios to help organise the rooms and other garments from the other designers.

All of Cocoons garments (City College's label) were taken down by a couple of our technicians and one of my tutors and set up in the allocated rooms- there were 3 rooms with rails rammed with garments for each of the models.

I was in room 1 which luckily for me was the biggest of the 3 rooms (although that still wasn't very big considering there was 4 rails of clothes, 8 models, 8 dressers and occasionally 4 designers in the room) all of the models were really lovely and we all got on really well which was nice. Whilst the models were in hair and makeup us dressers got to work and organised which clothes should be on who's models rail etc and made sure everything was ready for the run through we were going to do. 

The first run through went quite well I think- I don't think us dressers realised just how quick we had to get the models in and out of the clothes, but we managed it. After the run through we had a short break and just chilled out for a little while. Before we got ourselves ready for the first show of the day everyone was piled into the main area where we were debriefed on what went well and what we could improve on from the run through, luckily for the dressers we apparently did quite a good job so we didn't have much to worry about.

Then it was time for the first show of the day, I was pretty nervous because my dress that I had made hadn't actually been on my model yet because it didn't fit- I then had the brainwave to turn it into a skirt and cut slits up the sides of the legs and then we figured it would then fit my model as a dress so I was quite happy about that. 

The first show went really well actually because everything was so fast I didn't have time to panic or stress that something wasn't working so that was good. My dress apparently looked really good on the runway according to my nanny and auntie (they're probably rather biased) 

photo credits Jonny Human

There were some amazing designers there I was obsessed with Jo Randalls collection, she basically made these dresses out of a hot glue gun then painted them the colours of the rainbow! If you really looked at them you could see different animals on them. I also really liked Hannah Smiths collection (she is from my course so I am slightly biased) every piece was really different and they all looked amazing, I love it.

 photo credits Denise Bradley

The evening show was amazing, the atmosphere was unreal, it was so professional and you would of thought we'd all be complete stress heads but we were all calm and collected,  getting the models in and out of the door as fast as we could, but overall we managed it pretty well. 

I think we did amazingly considering it was pretty much all of the dressers first time being in that environment, I had an amazing time being part of it and it was so nice to see how the backstage of a fashion show actually works and it was good how professional it was giving us a real experience. The other designers garments were insane and it was nice to see everything even if it was just as the models were lining up to go out. If you're from Norwich or the Norfolk area and didn't go to any of the Norwich Fashion Week this year I highly recommenced going next year, it is so amazing to see and if you ever get the chance to be part of a fashion show in any shape or form I honestly think you should do it, such an amazing experience.

photo credits Jonny Human 

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