Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kiko Haul

 As many of you know I've very recently returned from a lovely trip to the beautiful Italian city Florence- if you want to read what I got up to just have a look here! Whilst I was there I just couldn't resist going into Italian cosmetics store Kiko. I've heard a little bit about Kiko as a brand- literally all of it being that it was good and cheap! So I was very excited to get in there and spend some money!

 Foundation Brush

 So I have seen these brushes a lot of times but I've never got round to actually purchasing one, so when I saw this one I sort of impulse bought it.. I've used it a fair amount of times but I wasn't feeling the look it was giving me- it may have been the foundation I was using (my new Kiko one) so I think I'll try it with a few other foundations before I give my full opinion!

Water Eyeshadow

 Now this was defiantly a product I regret buying. I was looking for a really nice silvery glittery shadow for my cheerleading competition and when I saw this in the shop and when I swatched it it did look like something I wanted- however once I got back to the hostel and looked at it properly I saw it had a blue undertone and not really any glitter in it? So I didn't use it for my competition but I'm sure I will find a use for it! 

Universal Fit Foundation

 I knew I was looking for a new foundation and I tried speaking to a lady who worked there but she seemed like all she wanted to do was sell me a CC cream despite me saying I wanted a high coverage foundation? She then pointed me in the direction  of this product and I will say in terms of coverage and actual doing it's job as a foundation it does work! Another issue I have is the lack of shades there was in the range- there wasn't many at all? So I've got the lightest one and it does sort of match me- when I have a tan I should be alright though!

Matte Red Lipstick

 I was looking for a new red lipstick for my cheer competition and when I saw just the packaging of this one I knew I had to get it- look at how beautiful it is!!! I will admit several times after using it I can't quite grasp how to open it! You have to push it then twist it then push it again? It's very odd though- but I like it! The lipstick itself has really good lasting power and is really nice to get on and even though it's matte it doesn't make my lips feel dry at all!

Soft Touch Blush

 I was in desperate need of a new blush and this one was really cheap so I figured I'd buy it! I really like the colour of this because it gives me a really nice colour without  me having to add to much to my face!

Smart Lipstick

 I am obsessed with this lipstick! The colour payoff is amazing- this picture doesn't do it much justice, it's got more of a purple tone in real life but it's gorgeous! I usually prefer matte lipsticks because for some reason I find their lasting power a lot more but this is amazing! 

Nail Polish

 I saw this in one of the little discount pots they have around the shop and I realised I don't have that many bright nail varnishes and this colour is amazing! I'm yet to try it but I shall let you know what its like once I do!

Lip Pencil

 I got this lip pencil in hope that it would be like Mac's Whirl but when I opened it and used it I found it's got a lot more of a pinky tone to it, which is still great because you can never have too many lip liners! (Well I think not!)

Colour-up Eye Stick

 I found this little gem in another one the discount pots and although its supposed to be used as an eyeshadow I've been using it to highlight my cheeks and under my brows! It's such a nice champagney colour with only a little bit of glitter and it really does make my face look amazing!!


Okay so I know that this isn't actually from Kiko but that's because I was an idiot and left my foundation at home on my way to Florence so when we got to the airport I nipped into boots and picked up something I knew worked good with my skin and that I liked.

Hope you all enjoyed this haul! I'm thinking about doing a full face of kiko so let me know in the comments section if you think I should!!

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