Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Florence 2015- Day 4

So day 4, my last day in Florence sobs but we still go up to quite a lot! We left the hotel early and headed off in search of the Santa Croce flea market- fortunately for me (I really don't like markets) only 2 stall owners turned up and it all looked pretty crappy so the tutors made the decision to give it a miss! We then walked to the School of Leather which was amazing! We started out by watching a man create a leather coaster with real gold patterns on. Then we saw how they make the handbags- and one of the women who makes the bespoke handbags is actually the man who started the leather schools daughter! I just love how everything is still so family orientated there! I got to see and feel lots of different types of skins- I've got to say ostrich is my new favourite to look at! We then looked at the actual school where they run courses on how to handle leather and make goods etc, which if I had a spare 6 months and a lot of money I would definitely love to do! After this me and a couple others went for our lunch whilst the other group went in for their tour- we founded the cutest (and cheapest cafe ever) literally I spent €4.50 on a bottle of water, a quarter of a pizza and the tastiest croissant ever! After that we met with the rest of the group and made the sad but very nice walk back to the hostel taking in the sun and how beautiful Florence was. Once we'd got our luggage we got the coach to the airport (one thing about Pisa airport is that it is awful for food and space to sit!) but I did have a really nice carbonara. Then we got on our plane and home. 

I without a doubt will be visiting Florence again, it is honestly one or the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Italy has always been a place I wanted to go and it certainly lived up to expectations. I honestly can't wait to explore more of what Italy has to offer in the future!

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