Monday, 23 February 2015

Florence 2015- Day 3

So on the third day in Florence we started very early and went to the Uffzi Gallery- again this type of art isn't typically my thing but there was some really amazing pieces there and the views from the gallery were absolutely beautiful. We then went to the most amazing but with the worst freaking terrain ever gardens called Boboli Gardens in the grounds of Palazzo Pitti- literally I can't even comprehend how beautiful everything was there- we had so many views because we kept going up in height, when we got right to the top we saw all over Florence and I can say I was speechless for a fair while! The weather was so amazing but I was boiling seeing as it was abit cold during the morning so I needed a coat! We then walked down to a cute cafe and had some lunch and relaxed for a while before we found the rest of the group. After that we visited the Costume museum in the Palazzo Pitti- oh my I was in heaven it really was gorgeous! They had so much going on in there it really was amazing. Me and a few others then decided to leave the group and head back to the hostel because we were exhausted! But this ended horribly and we got lost- so bad. But it's fine we finally made it back and got some rest before the rest of the group got back! Then we spent the rest of the night relaxing by the pool and sauna.

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