Sunday, 22 February 2015

Florence 2015- Day 2

Day 2 in Florence! We started bright an early and left the hostel in the bright sun to visit the Galleria dell'Academia where there was the famous Michaelangelo's David sculpture which was pretty cool to see! The rest of the gallery was amazing but I'm more interested in modern art so it wasn't as much appreciated by me as it was for some of the others. We then went to the most amazing indoor food market!! I didn't like the downstairs because I hate the whole market feel but upstairs was amazing with all types of food! I had the most insane pancetta toastie oh my! After lunch we went and had photos on by the rive with the most amazing views! Then we went to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum (a shoe museum) which was beautiful- that man was honestly an utter genius and created amazing things! After this we were allowed free time and I ended up in Kiko for the majority of the 2 hours- my tutor even banned me from going back! I do have a haul post coming on my goodies in there so look out for that! Then in the evening we decided everyone would all go out to a cute little restaurant together as a college group- I had the nicest carbonara- different from the English one I'm used to but still amazing!

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