Saturday, 21 February 2015

Florence 2015- Day 1

 So as some of you may know last week I went to Florence, Italy with my college. It was honestly one of the best trips I've been on and I'm still in awe as to how beautiful Florence is.

We started day 1 nice an early (4.30am to be precise) to get our flight to Pisa Airport. Whenever I'm on a plane I just love taking photos of the view it seriously amazes me! Once we landed we got a coach to our hostel in Florence (it wasn't great but it did the job!) We then went straight out and wondered to Loggia dei Lanzi to find some food- I had my first real Italian pizza and was so bloody happy!! I also had a huge helping of pistachio ice cream which is my new favourite by the way! After that we went to The Gucci Museum which was honestly amazing but we weren't allowed to take photos (so upset because there was the most beautiful dress in there!) After that we wondered back to the hostel, got some food and went for a relaxing dip in the pool and sauna (where I lived every evening for the next few nights!)

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