Monday, 5 January 2015

2015 Goals

Hey everyone! I have returned after an extremely long absence- which I do apologise for, however I've had a lot going on and then Christmas came along and it'd been 3 weeks without a post! But never fear I am back!

I know I'm abit late on this, but I really wanted to show you my goals/resolutions/aims for 2015!

1) Loose weight.
I am really really unhappy with how I currently look, so at the top of my list is to loose weight so I can fit back in my normal clothes without feeling self-conscious 

2) Eat healthier 
My eating/drinking habits are really bad (so that plays a huge part on why my weight has ballooned) so I'm cutting out fizzy drinks which I'm addicted to, drinking water when I feel hungry so I don't feel the need to eat crap. I got a really cool smoothie maker for Christmas so I've been making lots of smoothies and juices!

3) Exercise more
The only exercise I currently do is 3 hours of cheerleading a week- which some people may think is a lot but it's really not. I need to get my stamina back up to be able to perform to my best ability at competitions and I need to do some strength training- plus there's a few areas on my body I'd like to tone up!

4) Meditate before bed
Now this is something I think will be really good for me, just to learn how to properly relax and clear my mind for even 5 minutes because I stress about everything so this will be something to help make my brain healthier.

5) Take better care of my hair
I don't actually have a hair care routine (shoot me now!) but my hair is in awful condition and I always get told off for it so this year I'm making a pact to find some products that work on damaged, dead, bleached hair- so if you know anything please help me!

6) Don't leave everything to the last minute
I'm known for being abit of a throw everything together at the last minute type of girl- ie blog posts, college work, you get my drift! So I really want to try and be more organised!

7) Save money better
I'm awful at saving money, I literally get paid and spend all my money the same day. And as I'm going to Florida this year and paying for it all myself I really should learn how to save better!

8) Blog when I want
I always stress when I haven't blogged in a few days because I'm stupid really! It's my blog, I make the rules, and no one will care if I miss a couple days! So I just need to get that into my head!

What are your goals for 2015? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Raw coconut is the best thing you can use on your hair (also on your skin and in your pancakes!) :) x


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