Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Sunday Beauty School Bloggers Event

So on Wednesday 26th I attended Amy (FlamingoAmy) and Emily (LoveMoiMakeup) bloggers event promoting their amazing business The Sunday Beauty School. I attended the event with my trusty blogging companion Siobhan The school itself looks amazing, offering classes in Amy and Emily's specialities hair and make-up. You can learn how to do the Kim Kardashian with Hollywood Hair and Glamour Make-up or The Dita with 1940's Victory Rolls and Vintage Velvet Skin. They have such an amazing variety of classes to choose from I love it. We were lucky enough to be shown The Dita!

Amy started with hair and the most beautiful Victory Rolls- she even gave us a little history lesson on why they're called Victory Lessons which I thought was really cool! But Amy made it look so unbelievably easy- I am yet to try it however give me time and you'll be surprised! It'll probably take a few attempts but I'm hoping I can conquer it as I've always loved vintage/pin-up looks! (apologies in advance for the quality of photos)

Emily then moved onto make-up, she'd already done the base so just focused on eyes and lips. The look is so simple just looks so flawless (probably helped that Hilary the model is absolutely gorgeous!!) In true Emily style she added some glitter to the eyes and lips- which obviously you wouldn't find on a typical 1940's make-up look, but I liked that Emily added her own twist!

And here we have the finished look! Hilary is wearing a full outfit from Vanilla who were there but I'll talk about them later! But the outfit is just so classy and suits Hilary so well, I love it!

 After the demonstration we got to have a walk around and meet the other bloggers, chat to the brands and just have a general mooch. I started off by having a chat to Emily- who might I say  is just as gorgeous in real life as she is in her instagram photos! We had an in-depth conversation about my struggles with getting good looking brows (my utter beauty struggle) and she suggested using a combination of pencil to create the sharp definition and powder to fill the brows out- she did my brows there and I was just so shocked at how amazing she made them look so I've been using her little trick for the past week! 

I then moved onto Amy's stand which might I say is absolutely beautiful!! See the top image for a look! 

Next up I went onto Vanilla and spoke to their lovely ladies! They were so friendly and bought some gorgeous pieces in too- I love that Vanilla isn't just a shop where you go and pick your clothes, it's more of a place you can go and get help from a bunch of friendly staff who help you find everything you need for your wardrobe!! They gave me a special little gift which you'll see getting featured very soon!

By this time I was so incredibly hungry and luckily SheBlends was there with so much food! SheBlends is basically a brand promoting a healthy attitude towards food and body well-being. She creates amazing recipe's for you to recreate and oh my I most certainly will be recreating!! The was hummus that I fell in love with, vegetable cakes (?!?!!?!?) which sounds like the weirdest thing ever but I was obsessed- I literally couldn't take myself away from her stand!! I can't wait to try some of her recipe's myself!

Lastly I visited Betty's Beauty for a little bit of relaxation and had my nails done. My nails were in awful shape because I'd just stupidly ripped all my acrylics off (how dumb!) so she carefully filed and painted them, then added CND's newest creation- the 'week long' top coat. Now I don't know if it's because I have awful nails anyway, or because I knock my nails about a lot at college or work, but this did definately not last a week. I started to notice chipping after 3 days? And 5 days after getting them done they were all chipped and ugly so I removed the varnish! The lady was so lovely though, helping me with my poor nails and what I could do to help improve them!

Overall I have to say this was an amazing event! It felt so personal, Emily and Amy were so lovely and approachable and I learnt so much!! Plus we got these amazing goodie bags which I will delve into fully very soon!

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