Monday, 8 December 2014

Goodies from The Sunday Beauty School Event

Once again I was incredibly lucky to receive a goody bag from The Sunday Beauty School- I have wrote a post about my experience at the event itself here so check that out if you haven't already! Anyway, when we arrived we found these cute canvas bags from one of he sponsors Mark Hill with a name tag on which I thought was really cute and a nice personal touch! I love these bags because I can go and reuse them again and again!

First up in there I found some leaflets telling me more about The Sunday Beauty School and some pictures of Amy's work which were amazing.

I then found this cute little 'does it all' shampoo from Mark Hill which is going to be perfect for when I go to Italy as it's just the right size for travelling!

As I delved a little deeper I found this cute little box from another one of the sponsors Melissa Morgan Designs with literally a necklace that was made for me!! I am quite literally obsessed with this necklace and have been wearing it all the time!! I'm so glad I got introduced to Melissa's brand and I can see a few purchases coming her way from me very soon!

Then at the bottom of the bag I found these 3 littlies from The Balm the final sponsor for the night. I got a really nice brown shade called Matt Batali which is actually in the Meet Matt(e) palette which I'm really excited to try. To go with this there was a primer and a lip and cheek stain which I'm really excited to use!

I then found a free hand and arm massage for me and a friend at Jo Malone which I'm ecstatic to get round to! When can you go wrong with a free massage?!

What Amy and Emily made us do was go round and speak to each of the brands before we got a gift from then which I thought was really cool as it made us actually have really in depth conversations with the brands and learn more about them.

I went to Vanilla first and got given this bag with my name on and found another gorgeous necklace- because Vanilla are more on the styling side they actually took the time to look on our blogs and instagram's and see what we would actually like, which is so amazing! They made it so personal.

I then went and got my nails done by the lovely Bettyhobo and got given this lovely set of a pale pink polish and top coat from CND. In the bag she gave me there was also a leaflet explaining her brand and about her spa experience she gives.

Lastly I went to SheBlends and got so much yummy food it's unreal- I would do silly things to re-eat the food she gave me because it was amazing! As well as the free food she gave us all a recipe card on how to make savoury oat pancakes which I'm really excited to try as they're something I've always wanted to try but never got round to it!

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  1. These look like amazing gifts, you're so lucky! <3 xx


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