Sunday, 7 December 2014

Favourite Bloggers

Now this may seem a weird/stalker-esque post however I thought it would be nice for you all to see who I click on at least once a day to have a quick read through, simply because their blog is amazing!

This is probably the weirdest part I have to say haha.. I actually keep my favourite blogs I like to read bookmarked on my browser so I can just click on them when I want- it makes looking for them so much easier!

WhatSheHearts I'm full on obsessed with her filofax insterts she's recently posted- I will 100% be using them!! (@Emilypossnett)

UnexpectedGeek Siobhan is one of my closest blogging friends, she's so lovely! I'm currently loving her daily No 7 Advent Calender posts (despite the fact I'm hugely jealous!!) (@thisgirlsiobhan)

HannahMarie Another one of my fav blogging girls- Hannah is so bloody talented in everything she does from singing to those perfect brows- I'm incredibly jealous! (@HMMUA)

CourtyPeach I love Courtney- she's always got new inventive content to keep me amused and her blog just draws me in to start with (hello to that massive peach!!) (@courtypeach)

Emiloue Emily always has such amazing content that keeps me wanting more every time I visit her page, whether it's a review or a hair update (absolutely loving your hair might I add!) (@emiloue_)

ThingsIDoThinkAndBuy I'm slightly obsessed with everything Charlotte wears.. Like I think I may have a real addiction to those thigh high boots she's been rocking recently (visit her page and you'll see what I mean) and her hair is beyond beautiful SHARE THOSE LOCKS WITH MY PLEASE!! (@charlottefisher)

MyPaleSkin I just love reading through Em's blog she has had some really good posts on self improvement which I really loved reading. Plus she's just gorgeous. (@mypaleskinblog)

SianMarie Sian has such a lovely variety of posts that I get a good sense of oo what am I going to be reading today- which I really like because I don't like it when I can just predict peoples posts. (@sianmariebeauty)

TheShelleyDiaries Shelley is the newest chick to add to my favourites, again she has such a nice variety of posts to read there quite literally is something for everyone no matter what mood you're in!! (@ShelleyBear92)

Hope you enjoyed getting an insight into what/who I enjoy reading- let me know down below who your favourites are and if you checked any of these lovely ladies out!!


  1. Awwh you massive cutie! So glad you like what I put :)!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


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