Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fake Tan Routine

I've only now started wearing fake tan because before I was too lazy to actually aplly it myself so would get spray tans. I use St Moriez Mousse which is amazing for those who are tanning-newbies as it's really quite hard to mess it up.

 I start off 24 hours before I want to tan by shaving and exfoliating my body. I do this 24 hours before to help give my body time for my pores to close- by this I mean if you do this the night before you shouldn't get those horrible dots on your legs where the tan has gone into open pores. You want to make sure to exfoliate specifically elbows, knees and ankles- the typically rough areas, as well as all over to get rid of dead skin cells.
I'm currently using this Super beauty raspberry and cranberry body scrub, but I'm honestly not fussy- as long as it's got those small grains in I'll use it.

I then lather my body in moisturiser overnight and just let it sink into my skin so I'm all smooth. I love this moisturise because it leaves me feeling so soft for days and it smells heavenly!!

After this I usually sleep with the moisturiser on, then when I wake up I have a quick shower to have a general clean of my body and get rid of some of the moisturiser. 

Now on to the actual tan. I use the St Moriez mousse in dark. I find using a mousse is easier because it doesn't drip anywhere and its just so easy to apply.

I usually start from the bottom up (ie from my legs up to my neck) applying two pumps onto the mitt and then rubbing it in small circular motions.

I usually do two coats to get that extra dark glow that I love! I'll then leave it for 4-8 hours depending on what I'm doing that day/night, and then showering and putting moisturiser on! This is what two coats look like immediately on me.

Providing I stay well moisturised my tan usually lasts about a week, I then try and re-do the whole process as I love that lovely glow I get! It makes me feel so much happier inside and out.

What tanning products do you use? Let me know in the comments below!!

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