Sunday, 7 December 2014

Complexion Perfection Brushes Review

So last week I saw Emily from imhereforever_ post about a fluffy brush she had been sent by Complexion Perfection along with a 10% off code. I had never actually heard of the brand so I went onto their website and did some browsing, I did find that I wanted all of their brushes- however my bank balance wouldn't like me for that haha! So I chose just two brushes, a fluffy blending brush and a really nice unique contouring brush.

It arrived really fast actually. I ordered the products on the Friday evening, and by the Monday it had arrived, it was only with a second class stamp too! It arrived in a small brown box, then when I opened it I found my brushes wrapped in this adorable pink tissue paper and a very cute business card. 

First up is the fluffy blending brush that I actually saw Emily post about. I've wanted/needed a really fluffy brush for ages now, I was going to go with the MAC one however the price has just been putting me off (student issues) so when I saw this one for £3.29 I nearly choked and put it straight in my basket!

After using it for the past week its safe to say this is well worth it! It blends so well with such little effort. The only thing I do have to say is that a few of the hairs have fallen out, but for £3.29 I'm 100% okay with this. 

The second brush I bought was what I think is a really unique flat contour brush. I'm used to just using my Real Techniques contour brush from their core collection, so switching to this was weird but so far its been really good! The brush itself is so soft on my face I love it. 

This brush is known as a premium on the website so sells for £7.99, which I still think of as reasonable for the quality and the job it does. Its really good at getting right into the hollows of my cheeks which I love. It is perfect for both cream and powder products, I haven't quite worked out whether I prefer to use cream or powdered products with this brush but either way its amazing!

Overall I love these brushes and will definitely be purchasing from this company again! Hope you all enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed writing it!xo

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