Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Bloggers Love Hub Event Monday 24th

Hello lovelies! So last Monday I travelled to London to attend the Bloggers Love Hub event. I travelled up with Courtney, Hannah and Shelley- I love going to events to other people as it makes me feel so much more relaxed and it's easier going into somewhere with people you know! 

Between getting of the train and getting to the event we somehow managed to end up on Oxford St and in Selfridge's? It was actually my first time on Oxford St and oh my it was busy. Selfridge's was just heaven. And Oxford St was lit up beautifully with Christmas decorations, everywhere just looked gorgeous

The event was held in an amazing club in London called Kanola- it's quite quirky and has a Hawaiin theme running throughout which I really liked- although it was very dark in there so I do apologise for the quality of photos!

We started out by visiting the Umberto Giannini stand where they had a guy doing hair styling- he did actually curl my hair and made it look less 'I've travelled all day in the rain and I've had a hat on' and a more 'just walked out the salon' look. But I seem to have lost the photos of that which is annoying! Me and Hannah got our hair done whilst Courtney and Shelley had a mini manicure. Hannah's hair looked bloody amazing- he made it look so effortless too! There was also a lovely lady giving away products- she was really lovely and helpful, she asked what sort of look I want/usually go for and I need more volume and prefer a more messy yet not not ugly look so she suggested the Backcomb In A Bottle which you just put in your roots and backcomb as normal. I kid you not this is magic in a bottle- I am seriously in love! I love that you don't have to have wet/damp hair to use it unlike my other products. She then suggested the Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray to get that messy look I'm always after, this product smells like heaven. 

I then moved onto an organic skincare brand from Sweden called Luxsit. The woman was really lovely and went into great detail about the brand and products! She gave us some cute little BB cream samples (which I've yet to use- but I'll tell you all about it in another post!)

As I moved on I found Nadia Minkoff aka the most gorgeous handbag and jewellery brand! I was literally so obsessed with the two necklaces in the photo- they were made and worn in London Fashion Week so that's saying something about the woman's talents! They gave us the cutest bracelet which I haven't taken off yet but I'll show that to you in a separate post!

Whilst wondering around I found Pump My Juice which are currently going through a complete re-brand (including name- so I can't get the website!) They are basically a brand which provide supplements and powders to put in drinks which basically just does your body good from the inside out. I tried a drink which was orange juice with a scoop of the powder and I thought I'd be able to taste the powder but surprisingly it tasted really nice and just like normal orange juice! I'm really excited to hear more about these people as it's definitely something I'd be interested in using!

Lastly I went and sat with the people at Eight & Sixteen for some crafty work! They were offering notebooks with either a snowflake or 'little book of ideas' sewn in- obviously we had to do the sewing in but they were just so cute! I started one with little book of ideas- however I gave up after a little while and have yet to finish it! But I promise I will!

Once we finished at the event me Courtney, Hannah and Shelley all headed back to Liverpool St and somehow ended up in Nandos (where else?!) then we still had time to kill before our train so we headed to Lush in the train station which was amazing!! The staff in there are honestly amazing! We stood chatting to them for at least half an hour! As much of a good time it was I was so happy to get on the train home!

Lastly here's my OOTD-

Dress- Missguided
Coat- Primark-
Boots- New Look
Hat- Boohoo
Bag- H&M

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