Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist- Homewear

Christmas Wishlist- Homewear

1- Breville Blend Active- I've been wanting a smoothie/juice maker for ages now and have seen very good things about this one, plus the fact I can just make the smoothie, add the lid and voila leave because its made in the bottle!! 

2- Seeking Balance Meditate Candle- This candle looks bloody amazing, its a vetyver & oilbanum scented soy candle (which doesn't sound very appealing?) but as it says on the jar its a meditating candle which I think I could really do with, as I need all the help I can get when it comes to relaxing haha!

3- White Wooden Antique Style Photo Frame- I'm obsessed with those white, rustic looking photo frames and I really should start putting my photos into frames rather than on my memory board to help keep them in better condition, so these are right up there on my homewear wishlist! 

4- Skurar Plant Pot- Obviously I wouldn't use these for plants (I'm not a plant person in the slightest) but more for my makeup brushes. Obviously everyone already does this, but I just love the style of these so much and they'd fit right in with my room, and I really need something to store my brushes in rather than a few neon plastic cups?

5- Muji Acrylic Drawers- These are another thing every tom, dick and harry already has but again, I need somewhere to store my makeup other than rolling around in my top draw in my dressing table and these are perfect.

6- Yankee Candle in Cranberry Zest- I'm just obsessed with this candle and I've never even had it before. My friend has it and I literally sit there with my nose attached to the candle (obviously not when its been lit- I quite like my non-burnt nose) and its a perfect Christmassy scent so it makes it even more perfect!

7- Zoella Let's Glow- I have heard very good things about this candle, its a vanilla and light floral scent, which is basically me? And the packaging is just so adorable! (I shouldn't be this excited about packaging)

8- Monopoly Hardback Notebook- This daily diary is so far up my street I'm half tempted to order it now just so I'm sure I get it! I love monopoly- literally one of my all time favourite games, and its a daily diary which you can never go wrong with because I need all the help I can get when organising my days!

9- Seeking Balance Detoxify Candle- Now this candle does actually look like it'll smell a lot nicer than the meditating one, its a spearmint and tea tree oil soy scented candle? This one is looking very promising, I could see this being perfect for those days where you just need to refresh and sort yourself out inside and out.

So this has been my homewear (of sort) Christmas wishlist, what do you have on yours?


  1. The monopoly note pad looks ace! Although I've never actually played it :( xxxx

    1. I know it looks so cool!! WHAT?! How? (saying that I've never got through an entire game- I do have a life) I challenge you to a game haha!xox


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