Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist- Accessories

Christmas Wishlist- Accessories

1- Fran Ankle Peep Toe Heels- I'm obsessed with these shoes, they just scream utter classics that need to be worn with every outfit even pj's haha. They look SO comfy too.

2- Black Toilet Bag- I'm in need of a new makeup bag and this one looks huge, and because there's no exact structure to it I'd be able to fit everything I needed and more into it! It would also be incredibly handy for my trip to Italy next year to keep all my toiletries in.

3- Pearl Curved Ear Cuff- I love ear cuffs, they are so effortlessly cool (that made me sound like a complete grandma) but they honestly do, it saves the hassle of piercing all up and down your ear by just going through the bottom hole and clipping to the cartilage area, I just love it.

4- Frankie Beaded Floral Statement Necklace- ugh if you could hear the noises coming from me right now about this necklace. It is just so bloody beautiful. I can already envision myself wearing it with a LBD, oooo I need it!

5- Delia Why Not Clutch- I seriously love this clutch, not only is it bright and perfect to help spruce up a plain outfit, it looks huge, which is perfect because when I go out I like to take everything and more out, which is utterly ridiculous but then again so am I. But the main thing I love is the little 'why not' on the front! It's such a subtle little thing as well but so awesome.

6- Black RI Mini Pouch Purse- As some of you may know I am taking a short trip to Florence, Italy in February with College which I am just so freaking excited for. But I had this realisation that I would need a small purse to take with me, rather than lugging my massive one with everything in, and this one looks perfect! Its got a zip which I prefer to buttons or clasps, it has a cute snakeskin texture to it and sort of matches my current purse!

7- Candice Floral Layered Statement Necklace- This is another beautiful necklace that I just need, its so intricate, I love it!

8- Stone Flower Ring Pack- I love just stacking rings up, and am a surprisingly big fan of midi rings (my fingers usually have meltdowns) so having a big combo pack where I can just shove them on would be perfect!

9- Suit Your Selfie Phone Case- Right this phone case is so not me. Like the whole selfie craze with the song and clothing with 'lets take a selfie' is annoying as hell, but I do like the wit that this has- instead of suit yourself its suit your selfie, which I find very amusing (I know I shouldn't but I do)

10- Louisa Rectangle Metal Trim Clutch- Another simple clutch which as a matter of fact match the shoes I picked out- how very handy. This is such a cute clutch, very simple yet the metal trim does all the work and makes it look amazing!

11- Red Tartan Blanket Scarf- The fact that it says blanket in the title of the item does it all for me, I literally love wrapping myself up in winter, and tartan is still very much in, so I am a huge fan.

12- Pastel Blue Stone Studs- These earrings are simply amazing, they're so beautiful, I can see them changing the look of an entire outfit.

Hope you liked my accessories wishlist! What's on your Christmas wishlist?


  1. Love the Topshop blue stone studs (12) they would be so great for Christmas parties! There is a gold blazer from Miss Selfridge on my Christmas wishlist, it's so beautiful and would look great with a pair of dress shorts that I already have!

    Heather x


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