Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Product Review: St Moriz Fake Tan

So now that Winter is pretty much upon us I decided to brave buying and using fake tan. For some reason I have never actually used instant self tan, I mean I've used gradual tan (mainly because I thought it wouldn't do anything) and had more spray tans than a girl could need. But I decided to finally do the cheaper thing and actually get the tan and do it myself. 

Literally all of my friends use St Moriz and they all always look flawlessly bronzed, so it was an obvious choice for me. And the fact it was only £4.99 made it even more of an easy choice. I chose to get it in mousse form because I'd read reviews and the mousse seemed to be the best one overall and because its mousse form it doesn't drip down my body, so it makes applying it 1000 times easier. Even though usually I am as pale as Casper the ghost I went straight in for the dark shade. This is mainly because when I usually get spray tans its for cheerleading so we all like to be very very tanned, so I knew if I went with a lighter shade I just wouldn't be happy.

Application is so easy, literally a few pumps onto your mitt and circular motions til it's even and voila!! The thing that I love about this product is that even thought its ridiculously cheap it does the job so well. I haven't got any streaks or patches on my skin and I've had this on for 3 days now (and I've been bad and haven't moisturised oopsie daisy!) but it honestly is amazing!! It is perfect for anyone who is new to tanning because it is just so hard to actually mess up!

The thing that I love about this product is that there isn't really much of a developing or drying time. On Saturday I applied my first layer at about 12, and was already finished applying, dressed and out by 1pm, The product is fully developed by the 4-6 hour mark,  but you get colour instantly so its so easy to see if you've missed any areas. 

I will be posting my full fake tanning routine very soon so keep your eyes peeled!!

Justine xo

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