Monday, 20 October 2014

Paul Mitchell: The Gift of Style Blogger Event

So on Thursday (16th October) I attended the Paul Mitchell: Gift of Style event. I have to say when I first got the invitation I was very very nervous, this was my first event, I didn't know what to expect from the event itself or the people going, I had no clue if it was going to be a more intimate event or a huge one with loads of bloggers who knew eachother and were all chatting away happily. Me and my new blogging bff Siobhan from Unexpected Geek who was also going into this event with no idea of what to expect decided we would go together to help get rid of both of our nerves and so we could get to know each other beforehand. 

When we arrived at Dunston Hall I already knew what to expect from the actual buiilding itself as I've been here quite a lot, but it does never fail to amaze me how beautiful the outside and inside is.

Once we found the lovely host Sarah in the bar we were quickly greeted with this massive plate of nibblys which I was in awe of (I just love food... so bloody much!) and offered cocktails, I'm abit of a cocktail newb and just went with what I'd had before which was the amazing Sex on the beach, I only had one as I unfortunately had work later that night, but oh my it tasted heavenly!

Sarah then started to introduce the company to us, tell us about the products and I normally switch off when people start to talk for a long period of time (sorry!!) but I was fascinated by what she was saying! I'd obviously heard of the brand and used products but I never really had a look at the company and was so incredibly happy to find out they are completely animal cruelty free! Sarah was saying that they have a sheep farm in New Zealand for sheep's wool for their keratin products and how they have a person fly over there randomly to check that the sheep are fine and being treated right- which I love!

This year Paul Mitchell had the amazing Sarah Hankison design their packaging, she is an Australian fashion illustrator who has worked with many big names including Vogue! I was literally so obsessed with the packaging- I so need one of the bags to keep my travel essentials with me!

Paul Mitchell has come up with the perfect gift for men- thickening hair products and socks! What more could a guy want!! I love these sets, they are so perfect for little gifts to give to men!

Their lemon sage thickening shampoo and conditioner and lemon candle were literally my favourite products there. I think its the smell! I was sat with the candle against my nose for most of the night haha! And luckily I found both these products in my goodie bag, I was more than excited!

There are so many products I wanted to try there and then! I have to say Paul Mitchell are excelling themselves with the wide range of products available. There are some blonde products I'm hoping to try very soon so keep an eye out for a post about that!

Along with haircare Paul Mitchell have now released a cosmetics brand called New CID they also have some amazing products- I have fallen head over heels in love with an eyeshadow palette that I've decided I just need to have (how surprising) but in our goody bags we did receive a product called i-smoulder which has a Kohl liner on one end and a smudger with eyeshadow coming out on the other- I am very excited to try this product!!

As we left Sarah was so kind to give us this goodie bag which was completely packed with full sized products! I will be doing a small haul/review on all of those products in the near future so do look out!! 

(photo credit Hannah)

Obviously the best part of the event was meeting these two amazing local bloggers Courtney over at Courtypeach in the polka dots, Hannah from Hannahmariebeauty and obviously Siobhan from unexpectedgeek. It was so nice to actually meet fellow bloggers from my area, they were all so lovely and we've all got so much in common aside from blogging (me and Hannah even have a few mutual friends, which is weird, then I remind myself I'm in Norwich and everyone knows everyone

Overall I had the most amazing time ever! For this being my first event I was so beyond happy with how it went, it was just so relaxed and nice to just chill and chat to Sarah and the other girls about the products and our interests and to just make new friends!!


  1. Aw great post hun!
    Was so nice to meet you too!
    Hopefully more events we can go to together in the future!


    1. Thankyou so much!! Yes defo I hope there are many more events!!xo


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