Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My week in photos

So this week has been very exciting for me as it was my birthday week!! I turned 18 on October 6th and my wee was just super busy so I thought I'd just take lots of photos and share with you guys a week in my life!

Saturday 4th
So on Saturday we went out to a really nice Chinese restaurant to celebrate Hayden's cousins 18th birthday. It was so nice to meet his family properly for the first time and just eat good food!

Sunday 5th

So on Sunday we went to the city to sort out Hayden's upgrade for his phone. Unfortunately for us the phone he wanted (IPhone 6 plus- why he wants a Ipad mini I don't know!!) But after that we just had a little browse around then went back to mine.

Monday 6th

So here's where all the good stuff happened! IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!! I woke up at midnight to Hayden bringing the most beautiful bunch of flowers to me (was so bloody cute!) Then at around 6.30 my sister (twin) woke us all up so we could open presents and bam, we found the living room like that! After that Me Hayden, Mum and Step-Dad went for breakfast at a cute little café near me followed by a day of lazing around. Then in the evening we went for dinner with all the family at a local restaurant which was so nice!

Wednesday 8th
Wednesday was pretty average, I just went to college then went to cheerleading that night. Which was fun as we were learning new routines and trying new stunts.

Thursday 9th

Thursday was just college all day and was pretty average, I spent the majority of the day doing designer and artist research,which was pretty fun (our brief is colour so I had to include Moschino)

Friday 10th

So Friday again was just an average college day. I had to research colour trends for the S/S 2015, then design fashion items from that information. I love college so much so if any of you would ever like me to go into more detail about it PLEASE let me know- I'll happily write a post!! I then had a trial shift at a club in my city behind the bar- which was so much fun, so I'm now working there too.

Saturday 11th

On Saturday I literally did nothing, however that night me and a few friends went and out celebrated my birthday and turning 18 etc., it was a lot of fun and I drank way too much but overall it was such a good night.

So there you have it! My week in photos, hope you all enjoyed it!!xo

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