Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Favourites

Hey everyone! Here are my top 5 favourites of everything from the past week!
1- First up is an amazing candle from Homebase, I don't typically use candles but I have been loving this one. It's a mulberry and vanilla flavour/smell and I literally can't get enough of it! It leaves my room smelling bloody amazing! It burns for such a long time I love it! And a quick tip for all you candle lovers who are a little cack-handed like me and can't quite use lighters for candles- light the end of a dry spaghetti stick and voila, it’s just like a long match!
2- Tanya Burr's nail varnish in Penguin Chic now this nail varnish is just simply amazing, the colour itself isn't something I would necessarily reach for usually (I'm more of a red nails type of girl!) but I've been following Tanya for a while now and still remember when she announced her brand but I just never got round to buying anything until recently when I had some time to kill in London so I was doing some browsing and this was half price or something like that so I just picked it up! And I am just so overwhelmed at how amazing this product truly is! I use two coats as well as a base and top coat and it lasts what seems like forever. Plus the drying time is next to nothing which I love because I usually get super bored waiting for my nails to dry. So this has been on my nails for a few weeks now and isn’t likely to move!
3- Costa Peach Iced Lemonade, now I’m pretty sure this drink was sent down by the God’s or something because it’s honestly the best tasting thing. I feel so hydrated when I drink this, it’s so sweet and yummy I just love it! I probably shouldn’t be drinking iced drinks in autumn but this is just too good not to buy!
4- I’m a very unhealthy chick who just loves all junk food and its really bad for me so I saw this last week and decided to pick it up as a nice change- a Nature Valley Trail Mix bar, it has nuts and all nice stuff like that in and just tastes so good! I've been eating these instead of crisps and chocolate and the usual crap I indulge, and just that small bar can fill me up for ages so it’s all good! I highly suggest that everyone tries one of these.
5- And last but not least is a beautiful black, with white cuffs and collar and red roses embroided on shift dress from Missguided. It will be featuring in a small missguided haul so I won't go into huge detail, but I've been loving pairing it with chunky boots and black tights, it’s so perfect for the autumn weather!!
Hope you all enjoyed! What are your favourites this week?
Justine xo

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