Sunday, 28 September 2014

I'm back!

Hi everyone so I know it's been literally forever since I last posted and I apologise for that! But so much has happened and so much is still happening.

I basically went through a complete mind blank when it came to writing anything to do with beauty or fashion. My brain was just having none of it! So I decided to have a sit back and have a rethink about what I wanted to actually write about . I've had a thought and have now decided that I'm just going to blog about exactly what I want, it's still going to be  mainly  beauty and fashion,  but I wont give myself a set niche that I have to stay with.

Okay so here's my life update. As some of you may or may not know I suffer from epilepsy which is bought on by stress as well as anxiety and depression, things have just been really tough lately and I got myself in a bad way, but all of that's sorted now, I feel a lot happier in myself and I feel that I've got the right people around me, it took time but I'm pretty sure I've wiped the negative people from my life. I think that finding my boyfriend has helped me a lot, I can honestly say that since I've met him I've spent every single day happy. 

Lastly another reason i haven't posted is because I started my college course! I am in my first year of a fashion and textile level 3 diploma and am already loving every single second of it. There is obviously a lot of work but it's all fun, my tutors are all amazing the girls on my course are amazing and I can already tell I've made friends for life! 

So basically that is where I've been and what has been going on, I promise I'll be getting back into posting at least once a week, if not hopefully more. 

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