Monday, 29 September 2014

The make-up addict tag

The make-up addict tag
Monday, 29 September 2014
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Hey everyone so I saw Kat over at Tales of a Pale Face start this tag and thought it was brilliant so I thought I'd have a go myself! Hope you all enjoy!

1. Which product do you still keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?

Eye-shadow palettes!!!! I've literally lost count of how many I actually own its actually quite ridiculous because most of them have exactly the same colours in, but I just can't resist!

2. What's the one product you couldn't live without?

Probably mascara, mainly because if I'm tanned I can get away with no foundation, then I get my brows waxed and tinted so they look fine whereas there isn't much I can do with my lashes and I don't think I could hack wearing falsies all of the time! Plus my I always feel like my eyes are just really small without them so I've gotta say mascara- it can completely change my look!

3. Favourite make-up brand?

Hmm high end it would 100% be MAC, they can't do wrong in my eyes, they have anything and everything you could ever need. Then drugstore its gotta be L'oreal for say foundation (true match over anything) or Make Up Revolution who literally sell everything amazing at a brilliant price and I'm just obsessed with their eyeshadows, they're just so pigmented and amazing, I could honestly rave on about Make Up Revolution all day and not get bored.

4. How big is your make-up collection? 

Hmm in comparison to my friends its huge, but compared to other beauty bloggers its tiny, I'd say it's about average. I don't have many unnecessary products just laying around, I use most things rather regularly.

5. And how do you like to store it? 
I would love to say I store it all in a pristine white IKEA dresser all in special boxes but I don't. I currently have an old dressing table that has 3 large draws underneath, I store my daily make-up in a make-up bag on top with a pot full of smaller eye brushes and another one with larger face brushed. I then have a plastic pot with separators which holds my favourite lipsticks of the moment. Then to the side I have my bigger bottles of moisturisers and cleansers that I use regularly, in the top draw I have all my palettes and cotton buds and cotton pads etc. Then in my second draw there's a combination of lashes and hair tools/products.

6. How many items of make-up have you got in your handbag at the moment?

I don't really carry that many items around with me so at the moment I have 7 items. Coca Butter lip balm because I have serious issues with having dry lips, like I have full on meltdowns. Barry M lip pencil in 6 which is a very Kylie Jenner shade which I'm loving. Rimmel lipstick in Sugarplum. It doesn't say the brand but just a plain red lipstick because I'm all for red lips. Rimmel stay matte 24 hour powder in case any shiny patches turn up! Sleek contour and highlight palette which I mainly use as a mirror. And finally eylure lash glue because on the days I do wear lashes I can't risk having a lash fall off! 

7. If you could raid another blogger's stash, who would it be?

Hmm does Lauren Curtis count? That girl has an amazing make-up stash!!

8. How long does your usual make-up routine take and how many products do you use?
For my everyday wear it takes me around 30 minutes ish, give or take minutes either side! I think it all depends on my eyes, like if my eye make-up goes well it takes like 15 minutes but as soon as we bring eyeliner into the equation I'm onto a probable 45 minutes? Which now as I write it sounds excessive but I like to take my time and I'm a faffer so I do other stuff in-between too. 

9. Have you ever bought make-up knowing you wouldn't use it?
Apart from buying palettes which have colours I just won't use no, mainly because I can't afford to just blow all my money on things I know I wouldn't use. I'd rather experiment with new foundations or palettes or something that I know I'll get use out of.

10. Tag a few other make-up addicts to do the tag! 
I'm going to tag ALL of you who reading this!!

Hope you all enjoyed this tag, it was so much fun!!

Justine xo

Sunday, 28 September 2014

NUA MA Exhibition

NUA MA Exhibition
Sunday, 28 September 2014
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NUA MA exhibition 

So a couple weeks ago on my first day of college one of my tutors decided to take us to the NUA (Norwich University of the Arts) Masters degree exhibition. 

It was so enlightening to see how talented these people are, and to see not only the textile and fashion work but the fine art, media, photography etc. below I have added a few pictures from what I enjoyed most. It was such a good experience!

Hope you all enjoyed! 

Justine xo

I'm back!

I'm back!

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Hi everyone so I know it's been literally forever since I last posted and I apologise for that! But so much has happened and so much is still happening.

I basically went through a complete mind blank when it came to writing anything to do with beauty or fashion. My brain was just having none of it! So I decided to have a sit back and have a rethink about what I wanted to actually write about . I've had a thought and have now decided that I'm just going to blog about exactly what I want, it's still going to be  mainly  beauty and fashion,  but I wont give myself a set niche that I have to stay with.

Okay so here's my life update. As some of you may or may not know I suffer from epilepsy which is bought on by stress as well as anxiety and depression, things have just been really tough lately and I got myself in a bad way, but all of that's sorted now, I feel a lot happier in myself and I feel that I've got the right people around me, it took time but I'm pretty sure I've wiped the negative people from my life. I think that finding my boyfriend has helped me a lot, I can honestly say that since I've met him I've spent every single day happy. 

Lastly another reason i haven't posted is because I started my college course! I am in my first year of a fashion and textile level 3 diploma and am already loving every single second of it. There is obviously a lot of work but it's all fun, my tutors are all amazing the girls on my course are amazing and I can already tell I've made friends for life! 

So basically that is where I've been and what has been going on, I promise I'll be getting back into posting at least once a week, if not hopefully more. 

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