Thursday, 3 July 2014

June favourites 2014

Hey guys, I don't think I've actually done a favourites for a certain month yet so I thought I'd give it a shot! I have a small combination of clothing and makeup/skin products.

First up is this gorgeous sunset orange maxi dress. I bought this last year from TU at Sainsbury's (I was shocked to find this in there, it's so beautiful!) which means you can't actually buy it now. But I'd never been a huge fan of maxi dresses on me, mainly because I'm so tall I just find it really hard to find a nice fitting one, but I struck gold with this. I am in love with the embellishment on the neckline because it actually looks like a necklace and I can wear minimal or no jewellery because most of the focus is already on the necklace style embellishment. This colour suits me really well too, when I'm my usual pale self or when I'm tanned it's perfect. I usually pair it with some flip flops or it could be paired with wedges to give it that evening look. But this is just such a simple dress that I can get so much wear from. So as soon as the sun got out I was straight in this.

Next is my first makeup favourite. This is the L'oréal lumi magique (£10.99 boots) this is a lot like the true match foundation but it adds a more dewy finish, just like the name suggests. I only bought it recently after seeing Rosie Pierce use it in one of her YouTube tutorials, but I'm already so in love with it. It's long wearing, it doesn't feel that heavy on my skin, which I love because I hate the feeling of feeling like I've got loads of makeup on, it's extremly buildable, and it just does the job really. 

I have been wearing this dress so bloody much. It's a cute little summer dress from primark (a fairly recent purchase so you may be able to get it still) it reminds me of a little deck chair and just summer in general with the dark navy near black and white stripes. This is so easy to wear just shove it on and some sandals or converse or wedges or small heels, I love how versatile it is, it most certainly isn't going to be just my June favourite, I can already tell I'll be wearing this all summer long.

So this is a product that I bought at the end of May that I wanted to test before I wrote anything about, and I'm just in love with it. I'd wanted to try a fixing mist for a while to see what the hype was about and see if they actually work. The fact of the matter this Make-Up Academy is that it does indeed work, it's such an inexpensive purchase but it saves you so much in the long run. I still prime my skin like normal but once I'm finished my makeup I just spritz some of this over and voila I'm sorted. I'm am 100% for this product and it is running low so I am definately repurchasing it.

For the last of my clothing favourites of the June month is this amazing skirt from Matalan, now this was a random purchase from about 2 years ago so there is no way that you can get it now. Up until this year I actually didn't wear it, I just couldn't find anything to wear it with, I don't know if I was being stupid but yeah, I just wasted it for 2 years then this year I was like hang on I can wear this with loads of stuff ie a white crop top and heels. So I have been wearing this a fair amount the past month. I just love the pattern of the skirt itself, there is so much going on but it works so incredibly well, there's the bright colours and the floral prints with the chains. I just love this and think I'll continue to wear it until it has fallen to pieces.

Lastly is this face wash. I'm usually not for face washes because I'm really bad at remembering to actually use them, but I have noticed that lately my pores and blackheads are looking quite bad, so I went on a hunt and came back with this. It claims to be a pure anti-blackhead and deep pore wash, I can just say from the first time using it my skin felt amazing literally like baby skin. I have only bought this very recently and haven't been using it for very long at all but I can already see and feel a difference. 

Hope you all enjoyed this months favourites, I had fun writing this so I imagine this could become a very regular post! 

Justine xo

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