Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Yesterday's face of the day, now this isn't a typically summery look, however I just had to wear this purple lipstick, I am in love. Simple brown/grey smokey eye with the pop of colour on the lips. 

I always start with my MUA primer to help my foundation just glide on.

Then it's foundation, I'm very into this foundation at the moment, it's so buildable and just gives off a beautiful dewy finish which is perfect for summer. I just buff this into my skin with my real techniques buffing brush and voila.

I then move into my brows, I'm currently using the middle eyeshadow instead of my usual wax and setting it with the brow gel. Both from elf.

Contouring, highlighting and adding blush for some reason are my favourite things to do to my face, I think it's because doing all 3 can completely change the overall look of your face and that just fascinates me. I use the sleek cotour palette in medium I believe with the MUA blush.

For this look I used all 3 of the colours in the smaller palette, I then used the white in the larger palette to highlight below my brow and in the corner of my eyes. Lastly I just used the brown next to the white in the larger palette and ran in under my eye. 

An obvious one, I just curled my lashes like usual and applied these 2 mascaras.

To finish the look I applied this gorgeous purple lipstick from Rimmel.

Lastly I spritzed this fixing mist from MUA all over my face to help keep my makeup stay in place longer.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Justine xo

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