Friday, 25 July 2014

Current music favourites

For the past few weeks I've been listening to these songs on repeat all day everyday. These 9 songs have just constantly been in my head and managed to fit my mood no matter what.

1) Katy Perry's hit Birthday, this song has been scientifically proven to make you happy. It also brings back so many happy memories of when I was in London seeing her on tour, ah I just love it! 

2) Katy Perry (again) currently unreleased This Moment, such a feel good song and makes me realise we do only have this moment so lets live it!

3) John Mayer- Who you love ft Katy Perry, this song makes me feel so just ah, when they were together and they sang this holy moly I had so many happy feelings, Katy giggles at the end and you can just hear how in love they were!

4) Foster the people- Pumped up kicks (DJ Skeet Skeet Remix) This song brings me so many memories from Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour, DJ Skeet Skeet was one of her support acts and he was amazing and I just randomly fell back in love with this song randomly!

5) Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith La La La acoustic version, I saw Sam Smith at Latitude last year (2013) and with it being Latitude this past weekend I was reminiscing and just remembered how much I loved this song.

6) Adam Levine- Lost Stars, I heard this during the advert for Begin Again and the lyrics in this song are just so powerful. I need to go see Begin Again though!

7) Magic! Rude, this song is such a feel good song, I literally just belt the lyrics (badly might I add) whenever I hear it.

8) Katy Perry ET (live) For some percuilar reason I'm not a huge fan of the radio/album version of this song, I don't know why, I wish I knew however this is actually my favourite song Katy sings live, its so powerful the way she performs it, I just love it.

9) This is an extremely knew addition to my playlist- Beyonce- Crazy in love (Remix for fifty shades of grey) I watched the trailer for the film a few times yesterday (yes I'm guilty of being way too excited for this film to be released) but I think this version of crazy in love made the trailer way more intense than it would of been without it.

I know this is not my usual style post but still hope ya'll enjoyed!

Justine xo


  1. I liked reading your music post! It's something I feel passionate about too. I love Katy Perry, have you seen her live? xxx

    1. Aw Thankyou!! Yes I've been so blessed to see her 5 times live and meet her!!xo


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