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Friday, 25 July 2014

For the past few weeks I've been listening to these songs on repeat all day everyday. These 9 songs have just constantly been in my head and managed to fit my mood no matter what.

1) Katy Perry's hit Birthday, this song has been scientifically proven to make you happy. It also brings back so many happy memories of when I was in London seeing her on tour, ah I just love it! 

2) Katy Perry (again) currently unreleased This Moment, such a feel good song and makes me realise we do only have this moment so lets live it!

3) John Mayer- Who you love ft Katy Perry, this song makes me feel so just ah, when they were together and they sang this holy moly I had so many happy feelings, Katy giggles at the end and you can just hear how in love they were!

4) Foster the people- Pumped up kicks (DJ Skeet Skeet Remix) This song brings me so many memories from Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour, DJ Skeet Skeet was one of her support acts and he was amazing and I just randomly fell back in love with this song randomly!

5) Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith La La La acoustic version, I saw Sam Smith at Latitude last year (2013) and with it being Latitude this past weekend I was reminiscing and just remembered how much I loved this song.

6) Adam Levine- Lost Stars, I heard this during the advert for Begin Again and the lyrics in this song are just so powerful. I need to go see Begin Again though!

7) Magic! Rude, this song is such a feel good song, I literally just belt the lyrics (badly might I add) whenever I hear it.

8) Katy Perry ET (live) For some percuilar reason I'm not a huge fan of the radio/album version of this song, I don't know why, I wish I knew however this is actually my favourite song Katy sings live, its so powerful the way she performs it, I just love it.

9) This is an extremely knew addition to my playlist- Beyonce- Crazy in love (Remix for fifty shades of grey) I watched the trailer for the film a few times yesterday (yes I'm guilty of being way too excited for this film to be released) but I think this version of crazy in love made the trailer way more intense than it would of been without it.

I know this is not my usual style post but still hope ya'll enjoyed!

Justine xo

Superdrug Haul

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

So yesterday I hit up superdrug and went just a little crazy! I took peoples advice from the beauty chat on Sunday about skincare and dove straight in and bought some products. I also discovered the dishevelled items area in Superdrug- might I add I'm amazed at the stuff they have in there! Half of the products don't even have anything wrong with them!

To start with I got the Garnier Cleansing Micellar Lotion, I've heard nothing but good things about this and how its a dupe for the BioDerma solution for more than half the price (£3.32 to be exact!) I used it last night and was just amazed at how easily it got my make-up off and how good it left my skin feeling!

Next was a moisturiser, I literally went into the simple section and picked the first one I saw which ended up being the Simple kind to skin replenishing face moisturiser, its £3.99 which is a very good price to pay considering the size of the bottle. This made my skin feel so soft and hydrated, its simply amazing!

These are something I like to pick up whenever I'm in superdrug or type store, you can never have enough cotton wool pads, these superdrug own brand ones are amazing they are so soft and help me get all the dirt and grubby stuff off of my face! These are £1.99 for 50 pads so it's brill.

I picked this facial buffing sponge up purely out of curiosity, I thought it was going to be a little softer than it is so I'm a little disappointed. I think its going to be too harsh on my skin for regular use so I might just use it every now and then to get rid of my dead skin cells and any dry patches. I can't find this on the website and I can't remember the exact price, I think it was around £2.99 ish?

In the dishevelled section I found this amazing Sleek makeup ultra mattes palette brights it was supposed to be £7.99 but I got it for a bargain price of £3.50. I am so bloody excited to try some looks with these colours they are super pigmented and just amazing! The reason it was in the dishevelled section was because its missing the bottom green shade, that doesn't really bother me though because there's already a green in there anyway so I'm okay with that!

To keep my blonde locks in top shape and keep away any brassy tones I love using this Pro:Voke touch of silver twice a week brightening shampoo it is so worth it because it does amazing things to my hair! I love it. Its £3.09 which is a price I'm always happy to pay because it seems to last for such a long time.

I then popped into savers and found this Rimmel waterproof gel liner however its in blue, which I'm dissapointed with because I really won't use, oh well, maybe if I'm experimenting I might be able to use it. Then I picked up some Eylure lashes which you can never have enough of.

Hope you all enjoyed

Justine xo

Midi skirt wishlist

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I have a new found love for midi skirts (I blame Arabella's amazing style) so I've done some hunting and found my current favourites.

fav midi skirts


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Yesterday's face of the day, now this isn't a typically summery look, however I just had to wear this purple lipstick, I am in love. Simple brown/grey smokey eye with the pop of colour on the lips. 

I always start with my MUA primer to help my foundation just glide on.

Then it's foundation, I'm very into this foundation at the moment, it's so buildable and just gives off a beautiful dewy finish which is perfect for summer. I just buff this into my skin with my real techniques buffing brush and voila.

I then move into my brows, I'm currently using the middle eyeshadow instead of my usual wax and setting it with the brow gel. Both from elf.

Contouring, highlighting and adding blush for some reason are my favourite things to do to my face, I think it's because doing all 3 can completely change the overall look of your face and that just fascinates me. I use the sleek cotour palette in medium I believe with the MUA blush.

For this look I used all 3 of the colours in the smaller palette, I then used the white in the larger palette to highlight below my brow and in the corner of my eyes. Lastly I just used the brown next to the white in the larger palette and ran in under my eye. 

An obvious one, I just curled my lashes like usual and applied these 2 mascaras.

To finish the look I applied this gorgeous purple lipstick from Rimmel.

Lastly I spritzed this fixing mist from MUA all over my face to help keep my makeup stay in place longer.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Justine xo

How I deal with epilepsy

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Okay guys this post is a little different to my usual posts, and is more serious, but I wanted to just have an open post on how I personally deal with being epileptic, daily struggles, and just clear up any misconceptions that most people have.

To start with I'm going to clear up the obvious misconceptions.
   Not all epileptic seizures are ones on the floor where you shake etc. There are many different types and        many people think that there is just one type.
   Not all seizures are caused by flashing lights

I actually started out with full on 'Tonic chronic seizures' (the ones on the floor) when I was 7 til I was around 10, I then moved on to having 'Absences' which is where I would go off into a sort of daydream zone for maybe a second or a little longer, either way it left me feeling confused afterwards and I'd feel lost. Then when I was 16 I started having Tonic chronic seizures again and am currently just over a month free of all types of seizures.

As a matter of fact my seizures aren't even caused by flashing lights, they do not effect me in the slightest. Doctors think that it is sleep deprivation, alcohol and stress that cause my seizures. Which being a teenager is the worst combination if I'm being totally honest.

Daily struggles
I have so many daily struggles, the first is that I have to always remember to take my tablets, I struggle so bad with this, I'm just forgetful but if I forget them who knows what happens. I'm actually on 10 tablets a day just for my epilepsy, which is a struggle in itself as the dosage and amount seems to change whenever I have a seizure, so I'll get used to what I need to take then bam its been mixed up again.

Next is that I seem to have lost a lot of independence. A normal nearly 18 year old doesn't have to worry about making sure you always have someone with you, even if it is just a simple walk to the shops, or being in the house alone. I understand that everyone around me just cares about me but its annoying that I can't walk around the corner on my own without someone having a breakdown.

I have since been diagnosed with depression and anxiety (a post about how I deal with those will be posted shortly) because of the tablets I'm on. My emotions are all over the place most of the time. And the general side effects from my combination of medication is insane, there's the weight gain, concentration problems, sleepiness and many more that I won't bore you with. But all of these alone stress me out which is annoying because its stress in the first place that leads me to have the seizures!!

How I deal with being epileptic

I make sure I take my tablets morning and night because I know the consequences if I don't. I try my hardest to avoid alcohol, but that is a struggle for me purely because I'm a teenager and the temptation is around me so much, and I feel like a freak as it is, I just want to feel normal for once. I make sure I get plenty of sleep (this does have advantages if I'm feeling being extra lazy!) I try not to get annoyed when people around me baby me, mainly because I know they care so much, but it is so frustrating because I just want to be like other girls my age out having fun.

I most of all try to keep a smile on, I hope that one day it will get even a little bit better and that I can relax more, but until then I'll just battle through.

Hope you enjoyed this, peace out

Justine xo

June favourites 2014

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hey guys, I don't think I've actually done a favourites for a certain month yet so I thought I'd give it a shot! I have a small combination of clothing and makeup/skin products.

First up is this gorgeous sunset orange maxi dress. I bought this last year from TU at Sainsbury's (I was shocked to find this in there, it's so beautiful!) which means you can't actually buy it now. But I'd never been a huge fan of maxi dresses on me, mainly because I'm so tall I just find it really hard to find a nice fitting one, but I struck gold with this. I am in love with the embellishment on the neckline because it actually looks like a necklace and I can wear minimal or no jewellery because most of the focus is already on the necklace style embellishment. This colour suits me really well too, when I'm my usual pale self or when I'm tanned it's perfect. I usually pair it with some flip flops or it could be paired with wedges to give it that evening look. But this is just such a simple dress that I can get so much wear from. So as soon as the sun got out I was straight in this.

Next is my first makeup favourite. This is the L'orĂ©al lumi magique (£10.99 boots) this is a lot like the true match foundation but it adds a more dewy finish, just like the name suggests. I only bought it recently after seeing Rosie Pierce use it in one of her YouTube tutorials, but I'm already so in love with it. It's long wearing, it doesn't feel that heavy on my skin, which I love because I hate the feeling of feeling like I've got loads of makeup on, it's extremly buildable, and it just does the job really. 

I have been wearing this dress so bloody much. It's a cute little summer dress from primark (a fairly recent purchase so you may be able to get it still) it reminds me of a little deck chair and just summer in general with the dark navy near black and white stripes. This is so easy to wear just shove it on and some sandals or converse or wedges or small heels, I love how versatile it is, it most certainly isn't going to be just my June favourite, I can already tell I'll be wearing this all summer long.

So this is a product that I bought at the end of May that I wanted to test before I wrote anything about, and I'm just in love with it. I'd wanted to try a fixing mist for a while to see what the hype was about and see if they actually work. The fact of the matter this Make-Up Academy is that it does indeed work, it's such an inexpensive purchase but it saves you so much in the long run. I still prime my skin like normal but once I'm finished my makeup I just spritz some of this over and voila I'm sorted. I'm am 100% for this product and it is running low so I am definately repurchasing it.

For the last of my clothing favourites of the June month is this amazing skirt from Matalan, now this was a random purchase from about 2 years ago so there is no way that you can get it now. Up until this year I actually didn't wear it, I just couldn't find anything to wear it with, I don't know if I was being stupid but yeah, I just wasted it for 2 years then this year I was like hang on I can wear this with loads of stuff ie a white crop top and heels. So I have been wearing this a fair amount the past month. I just love the pattern of the skirt itself, there is so much going on but it works so incredibly well, there's the bright colours and the floral prints with the chains. I just love this and think I'll continue to wear it until it has fallen to pieces.

Lastly is this face wash. I'm usually not for face washes because I'm really bad at remembering to actually use them, but I have noticed that lately my pores and blackheads are looking quite bad, so I went on a hunt and came back with this. It claims to be a pure anti-blackhead and deep pore wash, I can just say from the first time using it my skin felt amazing literally like baby skin. I have only bought this very recently and haven't been using it for very long at all but I can already see and feel a difference. 

Hope you all enjoyed this months favourites, I had fun writing this so I imagine this could become a very regular post! 

Justine xo

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